Migrating to Advanced Quote Calculator

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The Advanced Quote Calculator feature aims to improve performance and provide a more flexible and scalable calculator for current and future functionality. Customers using the Legacy Calculator who wish to begin using the Advanced Quote Calculator will have to first enable it and then migrate their Price Rules.

Note: If you use a Quote Calculator plugin OR any type of customization (like using Salesforce Workflow Rules that target the Quote Line), you will not be able to use this feature until you have re-created your functionality using standard SteelBrick price rules or replicated it in a Custom Script Quote Calculator Plugin.


To enable Advanced Quote Calculator:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Installed Packages | Configure | Pricing.  
  2. De-select the Use Legacy Calculator option. 
  3. Authorize 



Upgrade Note: As of Winter '16 v 24.2, Custom Scripts are no longer required, unless using a Quote Calculator Plugin. There is also no longer a process required to Migrate Price Rules. The below information is for any customers who are on SteelBrick CPQ Versions 24.0.x - 24.1.x

Customers using Price Rules on the Legacy Calculator will have to follow a few additional steps in order for Price Rules to work properly with the Advanced Quote Calculator. Any SteelBrick Managed Package Fields or Custom Salesforce Fields referenced in Price Rules will have to be added to a Quote Calculator Plugin Custom Script.


  1. Navigate to All Tabs | Custom Scripts and create a new Custom Script.
  2. Copy all of the Price Rule's Field API Name (Price Condition's Tested Field, Price Action's Source Field, &/or Price Action's Target Field.)Snip20160105_37.png
  3. Edit the Custom Script from Step #1 and Paste the Field API Name into the Custom Script Field which relates to the quote object where the field is needed. Ex: SBQQ__Quantity__c should be pasted into the Custom Script's Quote Line Fields text area.
  4. Optional: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for all fields and Price Rules.pricing.png
  5. Save the Custom Script and Copy the Script Name.
  6. Navigate to Setup | Installed Packages | Configure | Plugins.
  7. Paste the Custom Script Name into the Quote Calculator Plugin field.Snip20160105_41.png


Note: Quote and Quote Line records will not be rolled back into the records upon calculation.

Note: New Price Rules will be able to run before and after the calculate process occurs.

by GMlynarczyk
on ‎12-30-2015 01:59 PM

What do customers upgrading to Winter '16 need to do to take advantage of the new functionality (as opposed to fresh installs)? I seem to recall new picklist values needing to get added to certain fields on objects like Price Rules.

by Community Manager
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@GMlynarczyk thanks for asking! We have added the required steps that users will have to take for upgrading to the advanced calculator on Winter '16 Versions 24.0.x to 24.1.x. The main addition here is creating a Custom Script to hold the field api names referenced in Price Rules, which is not required if you're on Winter '16 Version 24.2.x or greater.

Please let us know if you have additional questions in the steps required to utilize the new Advanced Calculator or feel free to open up a Support Forum Post or Case if you would prefer to take this conversation up directly with a SteelBrick Customer Support Representative. 

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We are currently on 27.0.15 and would like to move to advanced calculator. May I know the exact steps needed for this migration.