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Hide or Show Options

Does anyone have a good example of a Product Rule that hides or shows product options?  The documentation examples aren't very clear and don't provide a working example that can be recreated.  

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Re: Hide or Show Options

It is hard to show you an example without providing login access to an org.  Listed below are things to look out for when creating the product rule:


-Scope should be product 

-Type is selection 

-Error Conditions: normally there is a configuration attribute created to drive the showing and hiding off options.  You need to setup a product option field first.  Then setup a configuration attibute on the bundle with the target field being the option field you created.  Then create the error condition targeting the configuration attribute and the value you select.  

-Configuration Rules - create a rule tying this product rule to the bundle

-Actions - setup an action to show or hide a certain product.  All you need to do is select the type and the product reference.  


Please let me know if this helps.  Thanks.

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Re: Hide or Show Options

Is there a way to achieve this by using only the User Role/Profile and without needing the Configuration Attribute display on the Quote Line Editor?



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Re: Hide or Show Options

@DGold, for your third step - what if you do not have an Error Condition?  Our use case is that the PO should never be viewable on the bundle config screen (as it is auto-selected/required).