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Unit Price On A Bundle

I have created a Bundle which includes many Product Options. 

When I configure my quote with this bundle all of the selected Product Options show the unit price, but these do not roll up to the Bundle Unit Price.


How can I set this up so that the combined unit prices of all selected product options, roll up to the bundle unit price?

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Re: Unit Price On A Bundle

Are you asking for in the Quote Line Editor, or on the Quote Document?

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Re: Unit Price On A Bundle

Do not try to rollup the price of the components into the unit price of the bundle. Instead, use the managed fields that are already doing this calculation for you Package Total and Package Net Total. If you need a "unit price" value, you can create a formula field that divides these package total fields by the quantity of the bundle. Note that this would give you a "blended" unit price per unit of the bundle. It might be a fair representation of what you are trying to obtain, or it might not. Defining what the unit price of a bundle represents, is a business decision you have to make, and this drives the math to determine such unit price.

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