Amend Contracts and Assets from Opportunity

by Community Manager ‎04-17-2016 08:45 PM - edited ‎03-03-2017 03:31 PM


You can amend assets and contracts directly from an Opportunity. This is useful for creating Amendment Quotes on existing Opportunities, or if your sales reps don't have access to the Contract object.



Amend Assets

  1. For Salesforce CPQ packages before 28.0:
    1. Create a Custom Button on the Opportunity of Type = URL. 
    2. URL: ../apex/SBQQ__AssetSelector?accountId={!Opportunity.AccountId}&oppId={!Opportunity.Id}
    3. Add that button to the Opportunity page layout.
  2. For Salesforce CPQ packages 28.0 and newer:
    1. Add the Amend Assets button to the Opportunity page layout.

Amend Contract

  1. Add the Amend Contract button to the Opportunity page layout. 
by npariona
on ‎10-18-2016 04:49 PM

Is there a way so that when we select the Amend Contract button on the opportunity that the quote that is generated stays with that opportunity?


Business Case:


Account manager (AM) working on an account for an up sale and the AM creates an opportunity. The AM builds up the opportunity, inputs stage/probability notes and the lot. When the AM selects the Amends Contract button it would make sense for the quote to relate back to the opportunity that AM was working off of.

by echen
on ‎10-21-2016 11:17 AM




Looking at your use case, it appears that the Add-on Opportunity functionality might be what you're looking for.


In short, the Amendment functionality automates the generation of an Amendment Opportunity, while the Add-On Opportunity allows the user to setup their own opportunity and attach that to an existing Contract. 

by john_bishop
on ‎08-02-2017 09:42 AM

 Is there similary functionality like this amend from opportunity feature, for renewals? So you can use pre-existing renewal opportunities to renew contracts?