Asset Amendments

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Amend contracts containing Assets when quantities or pricing of prior purchases need to change. This enables sales reps to reference closed/won deals and sell additional, new, or revised Contracts using certain Assets.



  • Add the "Preserve Bundle Structure" checkbox to the Account page
  • Add the "Renew Model" field to the Account page. This picklist contains two options:
    • Asset Based: Renewals are based off an Account's Assets.
    • Contract Based: Renewals are based off an Account's Contracts.
  • Add the "Amend Assets" button to the Account or Opportunity page.


Setup Asset Amendments:

  1. Navigate to your desired Account.
  2. Choose Asset Based from the Renewal Model drop-down menu. 
    • Contract Based may also be selected if you wish to perform an Asset Amendment on a Contract Based Renewal Model. The following steps will be the same.
  1. Select the Preserve Bundle Structure checkbox.
    • Note: If a fixed price subscription is being renewed, only the parent bundles are preserved, not its children.
  2. Click Save.

Perform Asset Amendment

  1. Navigate to your desired Account.
  2. The Asset Selection page for Asset Amendments will only show the parent bundle and/or stand-alone assets.Click Amend Assets. You will be directed to the Asset Selection page.
  1. Select the Asset(s) you wish to Amend.
  2. Click Amend and select the Price Book you wish to use. An Amendment Opportunity and Quote will be generated and you will be directed to the Line Editor.
    • Note: If you selected Contract Based as your Renewal Model, you will first be directed to the Active Contract Selection page.
  3. Edit the quantities of your amended Assets or add Products to the Quote as needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Navigate to the Amendment Opportunity that was generated when the Assets were amended.
  6. Select the Contracted checkbox.
  7. Click Save.


  • Sales reps who sold a Laptop product bundle can amend it by adding an additional laptop charger.
  • Sales reps can sell a Laptop Asset and add a recurring service, such as a maintenance technician subscription.



As of Minor Release 25.1, users can amend an upgrade onto an Assets or Subscription. This will allow users to swap / upgrade user licenses, add additional licenses and add new products all using the amendment process.


Use Case

You have 5 Bronze Widgets on a Quote within an Account and wish to upgrade 3 of these to Silver Widgets. The Quote Line containing these Widgets is covered by a Percent of Total Subscription that is ten percent of the Bronze Widget line's net price.



This use case requires that you have:

  1. A Bronze Widget Asset and a Silver Widget Asset
  2. A Quote that contains 5 Bronze Widgets as a Quote Line Item.
  3. A Percent of Total Subscription that is ten percent of the Bronze Widget line's net price.
  4. A Bronze-to-Silver Upgrade option.


  1. Contract the Opportunity containing your Account and navigate to the new Contract. This Contract should contain the Percent of Total Subscription as a Subscription item and your Bronze Widget as a Subscribed Asset.
  2. On the Contract, click the Amend button and you will be taken to the Amend Contract page, where you will see your Percent of Total Subscription. Click the Amend button on that page and you will arrive on the Quote Line Editor.
  3. Reduce the Quantity of the Bronze Widgets from 5 to 2 and Save. This will initially trigger a "The quantities of the assets in the Amendment Quote are not allowed to be decreased" error message, due to a SteelBrick CPQ validation rule on amendments that prevents users from amending products with a negative quantity change. However, this rule can be overriden by upgrading assets so the overall asset total in the quote line has at least one new upgraded asset line item, which you will establish in the following steps.
  4. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Add Products button and select Upgrade Assets. You will see all of the assets that the account contains, which will include your Bronze Widgets. Select the checkbox next to the Bronze Widget and then click the Select button. 
  5. You will see a page with your available upgrades. Select the Bronze-to-Silver Upgrade radio button and then click the Select button.
  6. You will be returned to the Quote Line Editor, where you will see a new line item containing the Bronze-to-Silver Upgrade. Change its quantity to 3. Note: The total quantity of the remaining Bronze Widgets and the Bronze-to-Silver Upgrade do not need to add up to the original value of five - By default, SteelBrick CPQ will allow any number of upgrade items above zero. Administrators may configure rules for a non-zero minimum or maximum upgrade quantity as needed.
  7. Click Calculate. You will see that the Percent of Total Subscription has increased accordingly to cover the price of the upgrade product. If you configured your upgrade product to include an upgrade credit product, that will also be pulled into the Quote.
  8. Save the Quote and Contract your amendment.
  9. Navigate to your Account and find the Assets related list. This will display:
    1. A quantity of 5 for your Bronze Widgets. This represents a historical record of the original purchase.
    2. A quantity of 3 for your Silver Widgets. This represents the upgraded widgets.
    3. Another Bronze Widget listing with a quantity of -3. This represents the Asset Reduction.
  10. Find the Subscriptions related list. This will display a new subscription representing an increase to the price of the Percent of Total.

From here on, SteelBrick CPQ will rollup the quantity of all the revised assets so they are displayed accurately before performing additional amendments or renewals on this Account.



  • If the Asset is decreased to quantity of "0" on an Amendment, it will show up on next Renewal.
  • Parent bundles, even if they contain an asset with quantity of "0," it will be shown on the Renewal. When the Asset is upgraded and Opportunity contracted, the next Renewal will only show the New Asset (the old Asset will not be visible).
  • New Percent of Total Subscriptions contain Subscribed Asset references.

  • Subscription options of all types pick up quantity changes from previous Amendments.
  • In order to use the Amend Assets button on the Account to generate an Amendment co-terminated to a Contract, if an Account's Renewal Model is Contract Based, the Contract must be Activated and the following setting settings must be set: Contract Co-Termination = Prompt, Co-Termination Event = Add-On. Or, you can navigate to the Contract detail page and click the Amend button.
by nmontchery
on ‎03-30-2017 01:57 PM

We have installed Salesforce CPQ in a sandbox and the fields Contract Co-Termination & Co-Termination Event are greyed on the account page. We can't select Contract Co-Termination = Prompt, Co-Termination Event = Add-On.


I checked the field-level security and those fields are supposed to be editable so it's not related to security. Does anyone faced this situation? Is there an additional setting that we missed to set those fields available?


by ckamin
on ‎07-21-2017 12:00 PM

@nmontchery Sounds like you probably have Record Types on that object and just need to assign picklist values to them.

by nmontchery
on ‎07-21-2017 12:37 PM

Hey @ckamin indeed that was the only reason, thanks for the input.