Contracts Overview

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This article provides a review of Contract creation and special Contract features.

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    1. Navigate to your Opportunity. Ensure that the Stage is NOT "Closed Won/Closed Lost" as you'll be changing it to "Closed Won" later when you Contract the Quote.
    2. Create a Quote.
    3. Mark the Quote as Primary.
    1. Select a Start Date. The End Date is automatically calculated based on the Subscription Term. If you choose to manually enter an End Date, it will override the system logic and create a proration.
    2. Enter a Subscription Term. Enter in months (e.g. "12" = 12 months)
    3. Click Save.
    4. Add Products to your Quote.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Navigate back to your Opportunity to generate the Contract.
    7. Change the Stage to Closed Won.
    8. Select the Contracted checkbox. By selecting this field, a Contract will be generated, as well as Subscriptions and Assets. This can also be done automatically by creating a Workflow Rule.
    9. Click Save. If you do not see that a new Contract has been created, refresh your browser.
    10. Click on your new Contract.
      • Notice that your Contract Status is still in Draft and the End Date has been automatically calculated according to the Subscription Term entered on the Quote.
    11. Click Activate to change your Contract Status from "Draft" to "Activated." 


Creating a New Contract from SteelBrick KnowledgeBase on Vimeo.

Note: A single Contract can have multiple Subscriptions and a Subscription can have multiple Subscribed Assets. Subscribed Assets are created for % of Total Subscription Products.

Note: SteelBrick CPQ will automatically prorate prices to co-terminate Subscriptions and automatically calculate prices that are based on % of Total.



As of Summer 16, SteelBrick CPQ allows for a set of Subscription Products with varying End Dates to be grouped under a single Contract.


When a user creates a Quote with two or more Subscription Products and contracts that Quote's Opportunity, Salesforce CPQ by default will group all Subscription Products with the same End Date into one Contract while creating separate Contracts for each Subscription Product with a unique End Date. Users who wish to place all of a Quote's Subscription Products into a single Contract regardless of End Date may now do so via the new Quote Field Contracting Method.



Admins may need to add the following Quote field, which is new as of Summer 16:


  • Quote: Contracting Method

The values on this field allow for the following functions:


  • By Subscription End Date: When an Opportunity is contracted, SteelBrick CPQ will create separate Contracts for each Subscription Product with a unique End Date. 
  • Single Contract: When an Opportunity is contracted, SteelBrick CPQ will create one Contract containing all Subscription Products regardless of their End Dates.


This walkthrough requires an Account with an Opportunity. That Opportunity must contain a Quote with at least two Subscription Products.


  1. By default, Subscription Products inherit the End Date of their parent Quote. To manually change this End Date, navigate to the Quote containing your selected Subscription Product, then select Edit next to that Subscription Product's entry in the Quote Lines related list. Change the End Date as needed and click Save.
  2. Navigate to your Quote and ensure the Contracting Method field is set to Single Contract.
  3. Return to your Quote's parent Opportunity and contract it.
  4. Navigate to your Account and view the Contracts related list. Your new Contract will contain all the Subscription Products from the Opportunity you contracted in step 3.
  5. After contracting, if you want to edit the End Date of any Subscription Product on the new Contract, you may do so by navigating to your Account, selecting the Subscription Product record from the Subscription Product related list and editing the Subscription End Date field.

Note: Start Date and End date are Subscription object formula fields that automatically pull the parent Contract's Start Date and End Date field values and cannot be edited by users. Subscription Start Date and Subscription End Date are separate Subscription object fields that allow for user input. For more information, review Subscription Overview.



by tajomoore
on ‎03-01-2016 01:44 PM

Is it possible to have a contract become active upon creation, or must it always be activated?

by julie990
on ‎06-15-2016 09:28 PM

I'm looking for the same answer....can you automate this process?

by VLadisa
on ‎07-07-2016 09:26 AM

@julie990 You can create a workflow rule that activates it immediately.

by julie990
on ‎07-07-2016 09:27 AM

Yes, we put one in place.  Thanks!

by Jeff
on ‎08-15-2016 11:18 AM

the video at the bottom seems to be private

by rboddepalli
on ‎08-22-2016 12:30 PM

Even when I flip the Opportunity stage to "Closed Won" and setting the Contracted flag to "True" the Contract is not being created , any reason why ?

by mhawrasz
‎09-05-2016 06:46 AM - edited ‎09-05-2016 06:46 AM

 That's strange, I followed all steps mentioned and the contract was not created. Do you have any idea why?

by julie990
on ‎09-05-2016 01:54 PM



You need to make sure there is a start date, term and that there is a primary quote associated with the opportunity.  And that the quote was made before closing won the opportunity.  If you have all of those done, then it should work.  We also use a workflow rule to automatically check the contracted button upon Closed Won.  Makes things easier.


Hope this helps.



by Jeff
on ‎09-08-2016 10:18 AM

i also don't see the contract being created.  I have the quote marked as primary, the subscription term and start date filled out on the quote.

I change the opportunity to closed-won and Contracted to checked, but no contract is being created... 

by N_Ermonskiy
on ‎09-28-2016 09:22 AM

I also followed all steps and contract wasn't created automatically

by rfreeland
on ‎10-11-2016 10:57 PM

A contract is only created if at least one of the products on the Quote is configured on the Product2 table so that it will create a subscription.  Try setting the SBQQ__SubscriptionPricing__c field on the Product2 object to "Fixed Price" and including that product on your quote.

by yousefelreda
on ‎11-01-2016 06:57 PM

I have followed all the steps mentioned here, and in the comments section - I still can't get a contract to generate.

by joehamlet
on ‎03-22-2017 11:43 AM

Is there a way to use "Contracts" and "Amendments" without Subscription products? Or do you have to setup subscriptions, assets and all your products with subscription settings? 


I want to be able to create contracts from services and materials - not subscriptions. And then amend them with add-ons / change orders. 

by vay
on ‎06-22-2017 11:41 PM

Hello Community, 


Does anyone know how can we terminate a contract ? Is there a sort of some button like Amend which would help us do that ? 


Thanks in advance. 




by KevinW
on ‎10-16-2017 12:04 PM

I'd like to know options around more than just End Date variance multi-contract generation. For example, what if we want to create more than 1 Contract based on the Product Family, or Group, or otherwise? For example, the same Opp sells 10 products but when Contracted, Quote Group 1 becomes 1 Contract and Quote Group 2 a 2nd Contract, regardless of dates etc.


Can this be done declaratively or do we need to modify the codebase to allow this?