Renewal Overview 2 - Use Cases

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This is the second of two Renewal Overview articles and should be read after Renewal Overview 1 - Setup.




This use case is intended to "overwrite" the default behavior in SteelBrick where a renewal with uplift has the uplift amount included on the renewal quote line as an additional discount by amount, and mixed with other discount effects. The use case consists in applying the uplift to the original list price, while preserving the prior additional discount (from the subscription) as a percentage, therefore allowing the rep to adjust the discretionary discount on renewal, if they want. 


Legacy Calculator 

  1. Create a Custom Uplift (%) Field on the Subscription Object using the Percent Field Type. 
  2. Create a Custom Quote Line Formula Currency Field to calculate the Renewal Price - ex formula:

    (SBQQ__RenewedSubscription__r.SBQQ__CL_Custom_Uplift__c * SBQQ__RenewedSubscription__r.SBQQ__NetPrice__c) + SBQQ__RenewedSubscription__r.SBQQ__NetPrice__c

  3. Create a Price Rule to override the Renewal Quote Line List Price
  4. Create a Price Condition for the Price Rule referencing the Field Api Name from Step #2. Note: You must add the Custom Quote Line Field API name to the Field Picklist Values on the Price Condition object.Snip20151217_1.png
  5. Create a new Price Action - Target Field SBQQ__ListPrice__c | Source Field: API Name from Step #2Snip20151217_2.png