Quote Line Fields mapping to Opportunity Fields

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This table displays a list of Quote Line fields that map to Opportunity Line fields.



  • UnitPrice is the API name for Sales Price.
  • Net Total on the Quote Line does not map directly to Total Price on the Opportunity Line; Total Price is calculated by Quantity * Sales Price. 
  • When using ApplyAdditionalDiscount, Salesforce CPQ sets UnitPrice to Customer Price instead of Net Price.
  • Total Price can only be edited through the API. You can either provide UnitPrice or TotalPrice (not both) and Salesforce will back-calculate the one you don't provide.
Quote Line Field Maps to Opportunity Field
SBQQ__CreatedBy__c   CreatedBy
SBQQ__Product__c   Product
SBQQ__ProductCode__c   ProductCode
SBQQ__Quantity__c   Quantity
PricebookEntry   ListPrice
SBQQ__NetPrice__c   UnitPrice
by workron
on ‎12-06-2016 02:06 PM

 Is there a way to not have the UnitPrice come from the NetPrice?  We need to show the discount on the Opp Product and we can via formula, but then the discount is double counted - once in the NetPrice and once in the discount.  We want the UnitPrice to be the same as ListPrice.