Quote Line Managed Fields

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Salesforce CPQ provides a variety of custom managed fields for Quote Lines.


Note: "Package" and "bundle" are interchangeable terms.



Field Label API Name Data Type Description
Additional Discount SBQQ__AdditionalDiscount__c Formula (Currency)  Total additional discounts extended to this line item. Additional discount is defined as discount extended on top of volume discount or negotiated prices. 
Additional Discount (%) SBQQ__Discount__c  Percent(9, 2)  Additional customer discount extended to this line item expressed in form of a percentage.
Additional Discount (Amount) SBQQ__AdditionalDiscountAmount__c  Currency(12, 2) Additional customer discount extended on this line item in the form of an absolute amount.
Additional Quantity SBQQ__AdditionalQuantity__c  Number(10, 2) Additional Product quantity that contributes to volume discount calculations
Allow Asset Refunds SBQQ__AllowAssetRefund__c  Checkbox  Indicates whether the underlying asset may have its quantity refunded. Only relevant for Amendments. 
Batch Quantity SBQQ__BatchQuantity__c  Number(10, 2)  If products are sold in batches, this stores the quantity in each batch, defaulted from the product.
Billing Frequency SBQQ__BillingFrequency__c  Picklist 

Defines the billing frequency. 

- One-Time

- Monthly

- Quarterly

- Semiannual

- Annual

- Usage

Block Price SBQQ__BlockPrice__c  Lookup(Block Price)  Assign a fixed price to a product based on quantity and quantity range. This overrides the automatic calculation of quantity * unit price. 
Bundled SBQQ__Bundled__c  Checkbox Indicates the product on this line item is bundled (included) by another product in this quote. Bundled lines items have a zero price and do not allow price or quantity to be edited. 
Carry-Over Line SBQQ__CarryoverLine__c  Checkbox  Denotes this line as an auto-mapped option on an Upgraded Bundle. 
Component Cost SBQQ__ComponentCost__c  Currency(14, 2)  Total cost of components in this bundle. 
Component Discounted By Package SBQQ__ComponentDiscountedByPackage__c  Checkbox  Fixes additional discount for this component to the parent bundle discount. 
Component List Total SBQQ__ComponentListTotal__c  Currency(14, 2)  List total of components in this configuration. This field is only populated if this line item references a configurable product. 
Component Net Total SBQQ__ComponentTotal__c  Currency(14, 2)  Sum total of components in this configuration. This field is only populated if this line item references a configurable product. 
Component Percent of Total Scope SBQQ__ComponentSubscriptionScope__c  Picklist 

Subscription scope set at the component level. This field overrides the subscription scope copied from the product. 

- Package

- Components

- Both

Component Uplifted By Package SBQQ__ComponentUpliftedByPackage__c  Checkbox  Fixes uplift for this component to the parent bundle uplift. Uplift only applies to multi-segmented products.
Component Visibility SBQQ__ComponentVisibility__c  Formula (Text)   Indicates the visibility of the component line item. 
Compound Discount (%) SBQQ__CompoundDiscountRate__c  Percent(5, 3) Discount rate compounded by quantity (historic). 
Configuration Required SBQQ__ConfigurationRequired__c  Checkbox  Flag that marks this quote line as requiring configuration. Can be used by custom code to request this product be re-configured.
Contracted Price SBQQ__ContractedPrice__c  Lookup(Contracted Price)  Contracted price if the product has negotiated pricing for opportunity's account. Contracted Prices are available on the Account and can be applied to any product in any price book.
Cost SBQQ__Cost__c  Lookup(Cost)  Cost record for this line item. 
Cost Editable SBQQ__CostEditable__c  Checkbox  Specifies whether cost can be edited on this line item. 
Customer Total SBQQ__CustomerTotal__c  Formula (Currency)  Customer total price for this quote line item. This is the Net Total excluding any partner discounts. 
Customer Unit Price SBQQ__CustomerPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  Customer unit price for the product quoted by this line item. This is the Net Unit Price excluding any partner discounts. 
Default Subscription Term SBQQ__DefaultSubscriptionTerm__c  Number(5, 0) Term length of the subscription, which only applies if the product is a subscription. It is copied from the Subscription Term of the related product when the line item is first generated. 
Description SBQQ__Description__c Rich Text Area(32000)  Description for this line item. 
Discount Schedule SBQQ__DiscountSchedule__c  Lookup(Discount Schedule)  Specify discounts in terms of % or Amt to be discounted off the product's price using quantity purchased or term. Set quantity/term ranges in tiers of different discount %. Discount is applied to List Price & resulting total is stored in the Regular Price 
Discount Schedule Type SBQQ__DiscountScheduleType__c  Picklist 

Discount schedule type. Copied from Type field in associated discount schedule. Must be a stored value because it is used in roll-up formula fields.

- Range

- Slab

Discount Tier SBQQ__DiscountTier__c  Lookup(Discount Tier)  Discount tier used by this line item. This field is only populated if a product is volume discounted and discount schedule is of type "Range."
Distributor Discount SBQQ__DistributorDiscount__c  Percent(3, 2)  This is a discount that is applied to partner price and reflected in the net price. 
Dynamic Option ID SBQQ__DynamicOptionId__c  Text(40)  Contains feature ID and product ID to identify the feature and optional SKU associated with this line.
Effective End Date SBQQ__EffectiveEndDate__c  Formula (Date) Effective end date for this subscription. 
Effective Quantity SBQQ__EffectiveQuantity__c  Formula (Number) 

Effective quantity used in computing totals. Same as quantity unless the product is block priced, covered by "Slab" discount schedule, or an existing subscription. 


For amendment quotes, this field will be equal to (Quantity) - (Prior Quantity)

Effective Start Date SBQQ__EffectiveStartDate__c  Formula (Date) Effective start date for this subscription. 
End Date SBQQ__EndDate__c  Date  Date the service represented by this line item will end (only applies if product is a subscription).
Existing SBQQ__Existing__c  Checkbox  Indicates the customer already owns this product. This is typically used for products with options during add-on quoting. The product is on the quote solely to drive the Configurator.
Favorite SBQQ__Favorite__c  Lookup(Favorite)  Favorite to which this Quote Line belongs. 
Generate Contracted Price SBQQ__GenerateContractedPrice__c  Picklist 

Will generate a contracted price based on the adjusted quote line if flagged.

- Yes

- No

Gross Profit SBQQ__GrossProfit__c  Currency(14, 2)  Gross profit amount on this line item. 
Group SBQQ__Group__c Lookup(Quote Line Group) Group to which this line belongs, if any.
Hidden SBQQ__Hidden__c  Checkbox  Denotes whether this line item is hidden in generated PDF documents. 
Incomplete SBQQ__Incomplete__c  Checkbox  Flag set internally by application logic when a line is saved to an incomplete database. This may happen when price rules are evaluated. Test this field in validation rules to avoid them firing prematurely. Do NOT add to page layout or otherwise update. 
List Total SBQQ__ListTotal__c  Formula (Currency)  Quantity * List Unit Price
List Unit Price SBQQ__ListPrice__c Currency(12, 2) 

By default, List Unit Price inherits this Product's Pricebook entry, unless a Special Price Type is defined.

Markup SBQQ__Markup__c Formula (Currency)  Markup amount on this item. This value is automatically calculated by applying markup rate or absolute amount to the product cost.
Markup (%) SBQQ__MarkupRate__c Percent(6, 2)  Markup on this line item expressed as a percentage. 
Markup (Amount) SBQQ__MarkupAmount__c  Currency(14, 2)  Markup amount for this line item.
Maximum List Unit Price SBQQ__MaximumPrice__c  Currency(14, 2)  Maximum unit price for this product. Used to enforce list price ceiling for products with dynamically calculated prices.
Minimum List Unit Price SBQQ__MinimumPrice__c  Currency(18, 0)  Minimum list unit price for this product. Used to enforce list price floor for products with dynamically calculated list prices.
Net Total SBQQ__NetTotal__c  Formula (Currency) Net total price for this quote line item. 
Net Unit Price SBQQ__NetPrice__c  Currency(12, 2) Net unit price for the product quoted by this line item. 
Non Discountable SBQQ__NonDiscountable__c Checkbox  Marks this line item as non-discountable.
Non Partner Discountable SBQQ__NonPartnerDiscountable__c Checkbox  Select the checkbox to make this line item non discountable for partners.
Number SBQQ__Number__c  Number(5, 0)  Number indicating this line's position within its group or quote.
Optional SBQQ__Optional__c  Checkbox Marks this line as optional. Optional line items don't contribute to quote totals and are not transferred to the Opportunity.
Option Discount (%) SBQQ__OptionDiscount__c  Percent(3,2) If this line is for an optional SKU, this field captures any discount given to the bundle and extended to the option.
Option Discount (Amount) SBQQ__OptionDiscountAmount__c  Currency(10,2) Discount extended on this product because it's part of a bundle.
Option Level SBQQ__OptionLevel__c  Number(5,0) Indicates nest level of this option (only applies to lines that are were generated from options).
Option Type SBQQ__OptionType__c  Picklist

Indicates the Option Type, which is copied from related Product Option. Determines how quantity is calculated.

- Component

- Accessory

- Related Product

Original Price SBQQ__OriginalPrice__c  Currency(12,2) The original unit price for the product quoted by this line item. Original Price originates from the price book. Also known as MSRP.
Original Quantity SBQQ__BundledQuantity__c  Number(10,2) For items with calculated quantities this field hold the original (user entered) quantity.
Original Unit Cost SBQQ__OriginalUnitCost__c  Currency(14,2) Cost for one unit of product quoted on this line item if Cost Schedules were not applied. 
Package SBQQ__Bundle__c  Checkbox  Indicates whether this line item represents a bundle; meaning, it includes other line items in this quote.
Package Cost SBQQ__PackageCost__c  Formula(Currency)  Total cost for this bundle including the cost of its components.
Package List Total SBQQ__PackageListTotal__c  Formula(Currency)  Total list price of this bundle including its components.
Package Product Code SBQQ__PackageProductCode__c  Text(255)  Product code for the bundle. This code is generated by appending codes of selected components according to the specified pattern.
Package Product Description SBQQ__PackageProductDescription__c  Rich Text Area(32000)  Dynamic Product Description generated from the components inside this bundle. 
Package Total SBQQ__PackageTotal__c  Formula (Currency)  Total price of this bundle including its components.
Partner Discount SBQQ__PartnerDiscount__c  Percent(3, 2)  If your organization sells through a channel/VARI, a Partner Discount on a quote or individual product line item can be given. Partner discounts are applied after all automatic and discretionary discounts. The Partner Discount is taken into effect in the Partner Price.
Partner Total SBQQ__PartnerTotal__c  Formula (Currency)  Total of the Partner Discount. By default, partner discounts are applied after all automatic and discretionary discounts. The partner discount is taken into effect in the Partner Price.
Partner Unit Price SBQQ__PartnerPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  Partner unit price. Price after partner discount but before distributor discount.
Percent of Total (%) SBQQ__SubscriptionPercent__c Percent(4, 3) Percent of non-subscription product total to use when calculating this line item price.
Percent of Total Base SBQQ__SubscriptionBase__c  Text(30)  Determines the price that serves as the base for percent-of-total calculations.
Percent of Total Category SBQQ__SubscriptionCategory__c  Picklist  Category defined on the product to limit percent-of-total calculations to certain products. Copied from the product record.
Percent of Total Scope SBQQ__SubscriptionScope__c Picklist 

Indicates how dynamic subscription prices are calculated: Quote uses all the non-subscription products in the quote while Group uses only non-subscription products in the same group. 

- Quote

- Group

Percent of Total Target Price SBQQ__SubscriptionTargetPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  Price of the subscription target product on which maintenance should calculate.
Previous Segment Regular Price SBQQ__PreviousSegmentPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  When set, this value takes the place of the previous segment's regular price when calculating Uplift for this segment.
Previous Segment Uplift SBQQ__PreviousSegmentUplift__c Currency(10, 2)  When set, this value takes the place of the previous segment's uplift amount when calculating Uplift for this segment.
Price Dimension SBQQ__Dimension__c  Lookup(Price Dimension)  Dimensions within an MDQ Product that all each segment to be priced independently. Each Product may contain several Price Dimensions. Yearly Price Dimensions are treated as Subscriptions.
Price Editable SBQQ__PriceEditable__c  Checkbox  Flag that indicates if price is editable for this line item.
Pricing Method SBQQ__PricingMethod__c  Picklist 

Indicates how the price for this line item is calculated. "List" = subtracting discount from list price. "Cost" = adding markup to cost.

- List

- Cost

- Block

- Custom

Pricing Method Editable SBQQ__PricingMethodEditable__c  Checkbox  Specifies whether pricing method can be edited on this line item.
Prior Quantity SBQQ__PriorQuantity__c  Number(10, 2)  Combined quantity of this product from prior purchases.
Product SBQQ__Product__c  Lookup(Product)  Product quoted by this line item.
Product Code SBQQ__ProductCode__c  Formula (Text)  Code for the product referenced by this line.
Product Family SBQQ__ProductFamily__c  Formula (Text)  How you would categorize/group/organize this within Salesforce (whether it's a new or existing Product Family). Additionally, this field can be used during product selection to filter to the correct product or product SKU.
Product Name SBQQ__ProductName__c  Formula (Text)  Name for the product referenced by this line item.
Product Option SBQQ__ProductOption__c  Lookup(Product Option)  Product option that generated this line (if any). 
Prorated List Price SBQQ__ProratedListPrice__c Currency(16, 2)  Prorated list unit price.
Prorated Unit Price SBQQ__ProratedPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  Prorated price for the product quoted by this line item. This price will only differ from Special Price if the product is a subscription and the line item is being prorated.
Prorate Multiplier SBQQ__ProrateMultiplier__c  Number(4, 4)  Calculated ratio used to compute Prorated Price. 
Quantity SBQQ__Quantity__c Number(10, 2)  Quantity being quoted.
Quote SBQQ__Quote__c Master-Detail(Quote)  Quote to which this line item belongs. 
Regular Total SBQQ__RegularTotal__c Formula (Currency)  Unit price before additional discount multiplied by quantity. 
Regular Unit Price SBQQ__RegularPrice__c  Currency(12, 2)  Unit price before additional discount.
Renewal SBQQ__Renewal__c Checkbox  Indicates this line item represents a product being renewed. Only non-subscription products for quote type "Renewal" will have this field set to true. Under normal circumstances, this field should not be modified via UI.
Renewed Asset SBQQ__RenewedAsset__c  Lookup(Asset)  Asset being renewed if this line item represents product renewal. 
Renewed Subscription SBQQ__RenewedSubscription__c Lookup(Subscription)  Subscription being renewed by this quote line.
Required By SBQQ__RequiredBy__c  Lookup(Quote Line)  Links this line to another line in the same quote whose product requires this line's product.
Segment Index SBQQ__SegmentIndex__c Number(2, 0)  For multi-segmented Products, Index representing this Quote Line's position in the segment table.
Segment Key SBQQ__SegmentKey__c  Text(30)  For multi-segmented Products, this is a shared key used to group multi-dimensional Quote Lines together.
Segment Label SBQQ__SegmentLabel__c Text(25)  For multi-segmented Products, this is the Column header label (e.g. "Year 1") associated with this line.
Source SBQQ__Source__c Lookup(Quote Line)  Source of cloned quote line.
Special Price SBQQ__SpecialPrice__c  Currency(12, 2) 

This field is used in conjunction with Special Price Type to determine any potential overrides to the Regular Price. Special Price is typically used for overrides with Contracted Prices, or used in conjunction with Price Rules for automatic overrides.

Special Price Description SBQQ__SpecialPriceDescription__c  Text(80)  Name of the Discount Tier or Contacted Price applied to achieve the special price for this line item.
Special Price Type SBQQ__SpecialPriceType__c  Picklist 

Stores the type of special price offered on this line item. Null value indicates there is no special pricing. Under normal circumstances, this field should not be modified via UI.

- Contracted Price

- Renewal

- Custom

Start Date SBQQ__StartDate__c Date  Date the service represented by this line item will begin (only applies if the product is a subscription).
Subscribed Asset IDs SBQQ__SubscribedAssetIds__c  Long Text Area(19000)  Comma-separated list of asset IDs covered by this subscription line. Only applicable to renewal quotes. Do not update unless instructed.
Subscription Pricing SBQQ__SubscriptionPricing__c Picklist 

Determines how the subscription on this line item is priced. A blank value means this line contains product that's not a subscription.

- Fixed Price

- Percent of Total

Subscription Term SBQQ__SubscriptionTerm__c Number(5, 0)  Term for the subscription product in this line. If the product is not a subscription this value has no effect. 
Taxable SBQQ__Taxable__c Checkbox  Indicates if this line item is taxable.
Term Discount SBQQ__TermDiscount__c Currency(12, 2)  Discount calculated by applying subscription term against term discount schedule.
Term Discount Schedule SBQQ__TermDiscountSchedule__c  Lookup(Discount Schedule)  Schedule for discounts based on subscription term. This is useful when you want to show a breakdown of payments in separate groups, for different terms, yet you want to discount reflected for the entire duration of the subscription. Leave Term Discount Level blank if you want discount schedules applied based on the term of each line item. 
Term Discount Tier SBQQ__TermDiscountTier__c Lookup(Discount Tier)  Tier within the term discount schedule used to discount this line item.
Total Discount (%) SBQQ__TotalDiscountRate__c Formula (Percent)  Total discount for this line item including volume discount, contracted discount, and additional discount.
Total Discount (Amount) SBQQ__TotalDiscountAmount__c Formula (Currency)  Total discount amount for this line item including volume discount, contracted discount, and additional discount.
Unit Cost SBQQ__UnitCost__c  Currency(14, 2)  Cost for one unit of product quoted on this line item.
Unprorated Net Price SBQQ__UnproratedNetPrice__c  Currency(14, 2)  The full term net price for individual line. 
Upgraded Asset SBQQ__UpgradedAsset__c  Lookup(Asset)  Asset being upgraded by this quote line. When the quote is contracted this asset will have its Usage End Date populated to indicate it's retired.
Upgraded Quantity SBQQ__UpgradedQuantity__c Number(10, 2)  Portion of this line's Prior Quantity being upgraded to another product.
Upgraded Subscription SBQQ__UpgradedSubscription__c  Lookup(Subscription)  Subscription being upgraded by this quote line. When the quote is contracted this subscription will have its Terminated Date field populated.
Uplift SBQQ__Uplift__c  Percent(7, 2)  Uplift is applied as a % against the previous year's price; the resulting price is entered into the Regular Price field on top of Special or Contracted Prices. Uplifts compound year after year. Uplift cannot be applied to the 1st Year of any Subscription.
Uplift (Amount) SBQQ__UpliftAmount__c  Currency(10, 2)  Uplift (Amt) is measured as a currency amount. This is a system-calculated field, as Uplift can only be applied to MDQ segments in percent.
Volume Discount SBQQ__VolumeDiscount__c Percent(12, 2)  Discount schedules allow you to specify volume discounts based on a percentage of the product's price to be discounted using the quantity purchased or term. You can set the quantity or term ranges in tiers of different discount percentages. You can also apply discount schedules to Subscription Term.


by dm
on ‎03-07-2017 07:21 AM

how and when is this calculated on line item? SBQQ__GrossProfit__c 

 I see this is coming up blank in most cases even when discounts and given on line item or cost associated with the product

by cwebster
‎03-23-2017 08:04 AM - edited ‎03-24-2017 12:33 PM

@lvoelz2 Which managed field represents the unit price after additional discount is applied? 

by jenlefor
on ‎05-16-2017 02:20 PM

@cwebster I think this article will help you. 




  • When using ApplyAdditionalDiscount, Salesforce CPQ sets UnitPrice to Customer Price instead of Net Price.
by Scott
on ‎07-06-2017 10:28 AM

How is the SBQQ__SubscriptionTerm__c used on the Quote Line?  It is always blank for our quote lines. 

Is there some reference for how Steelbrick uses this field?

I'm looking to use it in calculations but noted it is always blank

by acarranza
on ‎07-17-2017 11:58 AM

How and when are calculated on line item SBQQ__MaximumPrice__c  and SBQQ__MinimumPrice__c fields?


Can I use this fields on a Product Validation Rule to limit the minimum price for the product on a Quote Line after discounts?