Advanced Lookup Field Search

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Add an additional search parameter to lookup field searches in Performance Experience Visualforce pages.



The lookup field modal searches by your record's Name field by default. You can add one additional text field as a search parameter if you want to perform a more detailed search:

  1. Create a new fieldset on the object you're searching. The structure of this fieldset varies based on your Salesforce CPQ edition.
    1. Pre-208:
      1. Label: CPQ_Lookup_Search
      2. Name: Enter a name of your choosing.
    2. 208 and later:
      1. The Label or the Name can be CPQ_Lookup_Search. You can set the other field to a value of your choosing.
  2. Populate this fieldset with the additional field you wish to search against.

As long as this fieldset exists, lookup field searches in Performance Experience Visualforce pages perform a logical OR search against the included field after searching against the object's Name field. For instance, if you add the Industry field to CPQ_Lookup_Search, Salesforce CPQ first checks your search input against the target record's Name field - if there are no matches, Salesforce CPQ then checks your search input against the target record's Industry field.


Salesforce CPQ searches against the additional field and displays results even if that field isn't in your object's Search Results layout. You can add or remove your new search field from those Search Results as needed.


Search Scope

Salesforce CPQ searches against only one field by default, which must be a text field. If CPQ_Lookup_Search contains multiple fields, Salesforce CPQ searches only against the top-positioned field in the set. If you want to add additional search fields or search a non-text field, contact Salesforce CPQ support.

by gaines_adams
on ‎08-25-2017 10:41 AM

Is there any way to have the lookup filter the results based on the lookup filter criteria you have setup on the field itself? It will reject any value that does not meet the filter criteria but does not filter the search results.


Thank you!


Gaines Adams

Coastal Cloud