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SteelBrick CPQ allows you to manage certain custom-developed pages. For example, when users click the Edit Lines button on a quote, they see a list of columns and rows. These rows have some editable fields, such as Quantity.QLE.png



by mattynutt
on ‎10-01-2015 04:05 PM

Are Dynamic Field Sets feature available in Winter 15 version of SteelBrick?  I'm noit seeing the field called "Variable Name" when creating a new field set.



by bmollon
on ‎05-28-2016 03:01 PM

I tried the note that states:  "You can automatically populate a custom field on the Quote Line object with the value in a custom field on the Products object as long as they have the same name. For example, create a custom field called "Manufacturer" on both Products and Quote Line objects, which functions as a lookup to Accounts. Product manufacturer will be copied over to the quote line whenever a product is added to the quote"


I have a custom field on Products called Foot Notes and create a custom field on the Quote Line object called Foot Notes.  When I add a Product that has this Foot Notes field populated the field in the Quote Line is blank.

by ksherwin
on ‎07-22-2016 11:32 AM

Hi, how do make the POT and the List Unit Price unavailable to users to edit on the Quote Line/Edit Lines, but available for Price Rules to update? according to calculations in the Price Conditions? The user should not be able to edit either of these fields.Read_Only_Fields.png

on ‎08-10-2016 12:07 AM

Just a note, a picklist can be used to reference the diferrent field sets. Also note that the field set API name has to be used. 

by felixguinet
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Hi everyone, 


I want to add the Special Price field of the Quote Line Object,   so that I can see the true unit price $ when there is a Contracted Price in place.  However,  I dont see the field  Special Price selectable to be added in the Field Set,  any idea why ?


If I create a NEW field set,  Special Price is selectable. 







As a Workaround, I thought about displaying  Customer Unit Price field,  however this is showing a  Unit Price * Subscription Term,  which is not the Unit Price but rather the Amount...


Edit:  Second workaround that seems to do the job:  Created a custom formula (Type Currency) reading Customer Unit Price  and now I'm able to select this new cutom field in the Field Set...






by reneemidd
on ‎08-24-2016 06:43 PM

Hi - How do I create a picklist of the LineEditor FieldSets, so that these display on the Quote - Edit Lines Screen at the top, to toggle between?


Please advise.  Thank you!

on ‎08-25-2016 11:02 AM



Paying it forwad. To get the desired functionality do the following.


Create a picklist field on the Quote object with the API name: EditLinesFieldSetName__c

Add any desired field set API names to the picklist (note that you have to use the field set API name and the field label)

The field set API names can be found under Fieldd Sets on the Quote Line Object fields view

Add the picklist field you created on the quote object that is used to select the appropriate field set to the Quote object field set - Line Editor (this allows the user to change the field set selected from the line editor).






by MD
on ‎10-17-2016 07:00 PM

I want to be able to display different summary fields on the quote line based on different record types


I have created a new Field Set on the Quote Object, but can't work out how I then link this to the New field set on the Quote line (I have created a custom field set which is working based on the instructions above)



Can someone help?





on ‎10-17-2016 09:31 PM

Is the summary that you want to display in the quote line editor?


If so, you need to have a workflow rule select the field set that you want to use based on a criteria of being equal to the required record type and additionally, you will want to prevent the user from changing the selected field set. 


Basically, you are changing the selected field set on the quote object based on the record type via a workflow rule.

by MD
on ‎10-17-2016 09:47 PM

Hi Dan


Yes it is


On the quote object I have created a new Line Editor Field Set (so I have 2, the standard CPQ and my one)

Each one has different summary fields that I want to display to users


On the quote line object I have also created a new Line Editor Field Set and is working correctly 


I am not 100% clear on how to do the workflow - from the Quote object, if the Record type = Quick Quote (criteria to trigger the workflow)


How do I select a field set from here? 



on ‎10-17-2016 10:05 PM


I don't believe you can change the field set selected for the Quote. I think you can only change the field set for the Quote Line items. If you are trying to change the field set selected on the Quote Line object, do the following.



The selection of the field set needs to be made on the Quote object in the EditLinesFieldSetName__c field. Shown below is an image as an example where I added diferrent field sets to the EditLinesFieldSetName__c picklist. Your workflow will need to run on a criteria of Record Type = "desired record type" and then take an action of updating the EditLInesFieldSetName__c field to reflect the desired field set.Additionally, shown below is the criteria and field update action for a workflow that will change the selected field set based on the record type of the Quote record. 


EditLinesFieldSetName__c Picklist example on the quote object

Field Set Picklist on Quote.PNG


The workflow criteria needs to fire based on the applciable record type 


Record Type Criteria.PNG


The workflow needs to have a Field Update action as follows to select the desired field set in the EditLinesFieldSetName__c field

Field update.PNG


Hopefully this is helpful.


by MD
on ‎10-17-2016 10:09 PM

Thanks - sadly it is the field set of the quote I need to change. 


I have already got the quote line side working.......


Still useful to know it is not possible so will stop trying to figure it out

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You might consider exploring using field level security depending on how your profiles are set up as a way to hide summary fields on line editor field set on the Quote object.


by MD
on ‎10-17-2016 10:20 PM

Thanks - that might just work in this use case

on ‎10-18-2016 10:28 AM

MD, did using FLS to hide the summary fields work? I haven't tested this and would like to know if it works to hide fields form users in the quote line editor.





by MD
on ‎10-18-2016 04:32 PM




I just tested this and it does work. Thanks




by rpolner
on ‎10-19-2016 11:30 AM

Did we ever find out a way to allow somebody to directly edit the price of certain items on the Quote Line Editor? Right now we're having to adjust discounts and it is messy.

on ‎10-19-2016 11:36 AM

There is checkbox on the product object that allows you to make the price editable named Price Editable, and there is a related Price Editable checkbox on the quote line that derives it value from the setting on the Product object. If you are still having a hard time editing the price, you should review your field level security.



by rpolner
on ‎10-19-2016 11:58 AM



I'm also an admin so field security shouldn't be an issue for me but I still can't find where to add it or why some items I can change it and some I can't when they all say that Price should be editable.

by jsmith5187
on ‎12-07-2016 05:15 AM

Can dynamic fieldsets be used for the Quote Header Field Set? Have a use case for Fields to be used for Amendment vs. Net new Quote. This would be great functionality to have.

by speedyb166
on ‎02-09-2017 10:10 AM

Having the ability to switch between field sets on the Quote and Quote Line Group objects is the highest ranked Idea in the Quote Line Editor section of Ideas.  We've had multiple use cases for this, and while sometimes FLS can be used if the fields need to be shown depending on user profiles, it won't work when the displayed fields are dependent on the type of Quote or Opportunity (or some other non-profile based value).  The Idea is Roadmapped, but since it was created in August of 2015, I'm not expecting it in an upcoming release



by ramk
on ‎03-21-2017 12:48 PM

Looks like there is a bug in regards to using EditLinesFieldSetName.
If the value from the formula field with API name "EditLinesFieldSetName__c" does not match the value of the field set on Quote Line, it does not show any columns on Line Editor. What should happen is if it does not match then it should display columns from the default field set.

by vay
‎05-27-2017 06:41 AM - edited ‎05-27-2017 06:43 AM

Hello Community, 


I have installed CPQ for my users but unfortunately it doesn't take me to the VF page when I click Edit Lines on the Quote. 

Does anyone know which security feature is preventing my user from accessing this ? 


Thanks in Advance. 


Kind Regards, 

by LindseyK
on ‎11-27-2017 12:49 PM

Is there a similar process for when you are using Multi-Dimensional Quoting?