Translating Quote Templates

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Because SteelBrick is built on the Salesforce platform, much of the SteelBrick UI can be translated using Salesforce features, such as Translation Workbench and Custom Labels.  However, these tools cannot provide translations for managed or custom text data fields like Product Name, Product Description, or Terms & Conditions.  


Using Salesforce, you can provide translations or overrides in: 

  • Translation Workbench for all custom field names, picklist values, and help messages.
  • Custom Labels for all button names, messages, error messages, etc.
  • Rename Tabs and Labels for all tabs or custom object names. 

A reference guide for Localization Fields may be found in Localization with Steelbrick.


See also: Translating Quote Documents, Translating Product and Bundle FieldsTranslating Template Content, and Upload Translations Via Data Loader



Quote Template, Line Column and Quote Term Fields which can be stored in SteelBrick Localization:

Object Field Name Data Type (Character Limit)
Quote Template Template Name Text (80)
Quote Template Bill To Title Text(100)
Quote Template Company City Text (80)
Quote Template Company Country Text (30)
Quote Template Company Name Text (80)
Quote Template Company Postal Code Text (20) 
Quote Template Company Slogan Text (120)
Quote Template Company State Text (40) 
Quote Template Company Street Text (120) 
Quote Template Customer Discount Label Text (200) 
Quote Template Grand Total Prefix Text (50) 
Quote Template Introduction Title Text (255) 
Quote Template Logo Document ID Text (18) 
Quote Template Notes Title Text (255) 
Quote Template Partner Discount Label Text (200) 
Quote Template Ship to Title Text (100)
Quote Template Subtotal Label Text (200) 
Quote Template Terms & Conditions Long Text Area (32000) 
Quote Template Total Label Text (200) 
Quote Template Watermark ID Text (18) 
Line Columns Column Heading Text (80)
Line Columns Sub Group Summary Label Text (255)
Line Columns Summary Label Text (200)
Quote Term Body Rich Text Area (32768)


To Manually Translate Quote Template, Line Column, & Quote Term Fields:

  1. Locate the object you would like to translate for (Quote Template, Line Column, or Quote Term.)
  2. Edit the page Layout and add the Translate button to your Custom Buttons.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Locate a Record which you would like to translate.
  5. Click the Translate button.
  6. Select the Language you would like to Translate for and enter Translated values.
  7. Click Save to store your Translations for the selected Language.
  8. Optional: Select another Language and Repeat - if you are manually translating for multiple Languages, use Quick Save so that you stay on the Translations Page. 

Note: If you want translations for all products and names to be included on the Quote Document, you will also need to Translate the Product Object fields.

Translated Quote Templates will default to the User's specified language, however the Quote Template will default to the Company's Default Language if no translation is made.

To Allow Document Output in Different Languages, the Allow Output in Different Languages must be marked as true in SteelBrick's Managed Package Settings.  If a translation exists for a field in a particular language, that value will be commuted to the document output based on the language selected on the Generate Documents page.   

by rm192606
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Wondering if there is a field on the Generate Document VisualForce page that captures the output language of the document that was generated. Our billing system needs to know which language the Document was generated in and I haven't been able to find a field that holds a record of this language. 


Any information is greatly appreciated. 




by speedyb166
on ‎05-11-2017 01:27 PM

We have a need to display translated picklist values, via the Translation Workbench, on the Quote object in output documents based on the language being selected.  For example an English user selects "Net 60" in the Billing Terms field on a Quote, then outputs in Spanish.  Translation Workbench has a translated value of "Neto 60" for Spanish.  Can a document outputted in Spanish contain the "Neto 60" value instead of "Net 60"? @KenWarchalowsky

by glafagne
on ‎11-28-2017 04:43 AM

Hello @speedyb166

We have the same need as you. Did you sorted this out in a way or in another?


by Zola
on ‎01-05-2018 07:38 AM

You can use a look up price rule to do the transelation and store the transelated value on custom field on the quote.

Make sure to use a custom language field on the quote and make the field as a calucating field  as you are not able to access the standard lanaguge selection field