Contracting for Advanced Order Management

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Admins can configure Salesforce CPQ to either maintain one Contract (per Quote) for multiple Orders or to create a new Contract for each Order based on Order Line Start and End Dates.




Contracting Method

When a Quote contains two or more Subscription Products and a user contracts a related Order, Salesforce CPQ by default will group all Subscription Products with the same End Date into one Contract while creating separate Contracts for each Subscription Product with a unique End Date. Users who wish to place all of an Order’s Subscription Products into a single Contract regardless of End Date may do so via the Order field Contracting Method.


Contracting Method inherits its default value from the Contracting Method field on the parent Quote. Users may override the Order-level field value if needed.

  • By Subscription End Date: (Standard functionality) When the admin contracts an Order, Salesforce CPQ will create a new Contract with start and end dates based on the different end dates of the corresponding Order Lines.

If Contracting Method is set to Single Contract, Salesforce CPQ will automatically populate the Order's First Contracted Order Field. This field references the original contracted Order on the Quote - the Order that created the Quote’s single Contract.


Contracting Method also exists on Order Products, which inherit Contracting Method values from their parent Order but can also be overwritten by a user. The Order Product-level Contracting Method field has an additional picklist value of Do Not Contract

  • Inherit: Inherit Contracting Method value of parent Order. Order Products generated during Order creation will default to this value.
  • Contract Separately: This Order Product will receive its own independent Contract when the parent Order is contracted.
  • Do Not Contract: This Order Product will not be contracted when the parent Order is contracted.


Admins may need to make the following changes:

  • Add the Contracting Method field and the First Contracted Order field to the Order page layout.
  • Add the Contracting Method field to the Order Product page layout.
    • Some upgrading users may need to add the Do Not Contract picklist value to Contracting Method.
by Stephen_Stanton
on ‎03-16-2017 12:39 PM

When you have 1 Contract for multiple Orders, what are the repurcussions of doing an amendment to get an amended Order?  Especially if each Order has a different bill day of month?

by KevinW
‎10-12-2017 02:06 PM - edited ‎10-12-2017 02:07 PM

Is there a way to group order products (e.g. by Order Product Family or Quote Group) to contract per that Group? For example, 12x Order Products spanning 3 Product Families, arranged into Groups on the QLE, will generate out 3 Contracts, with their Subscription Lines naturally related to the Products in their respective groupings?