Line-level Order Activation and Contracting

by Community Manager ‎12-21-2016 10:43 AM - edited ‎01-27-2017 05:25 PM

Note: This feature is part of Salesforce CPQ's 27.1 Minor Release. Minor Releases contain features and upgrades, for specific customers, that are not yet available in a public release. All the features noted below will be publicly available in the next Major Release.


Admins can activate or contract individual Order Products before activating or contracting the parent Order.




You can activate and contract individual Order Products on a Draft-status Order.



Activate an Order Product by checking the Activated field. This will move its Activation Status field from "Draft" to "Activated". 


When you activate an Order, all its Order Products activate as well. Deactivating an Order deactivates all its Order Products.



Contract an Order Product by checking the Contracted field.


When you contract an Order, all its Order Products are contracted as well. However, Order Products remain contracted when their parent Order is un-contracted - you'll need to un-contract each Order Product individually.


Contracting Method

The Order Product field Contracting Method controls how Order Products are contracted.

  • Inherit (default): Order Products inherit the contracting behavior of their parent order.
  • Contract Separately: When you contract an Order Product, Salesforce CPQ creates a corresponding subscription product inside a newly-generated Contract. 


Admins may need to add the following fields to the Order Product layout:

  • Activated
  • Activation Status
  • Contracted
  • Contracting Method.



Line-level activation is useful for customers that want to partially fulfill a Quote while still maintaining a single Contract for generating amendments and renewals.