Cost & Markup Pricing

by Community Manager on ‎08-06-2015 10:51 AM - edited on ‎09-04-2015 10:07 AM by Community Manager

Your organization may determine the price of a product based on its cost plus a markup amount, rather than list price and discount. Several steps are involved in setting this up: 


Entering Costs for Products

Go to each product that has a price determined by its cost plus a markup and click New in the Costs related list. Here you can enter a different cost amount for each supported currency.


Setting Pricing Method

Each product priced in this manner must have the Pricing Method field set to Cost. Additionally, select Pricing Method Editable on the product if a user can change pricing method on an individual quote.


Entering Markup

Allow users to enter a markup value on the quote, quote line item, or group. Quote markups can be in the form of a percentage. However, quote line item markups can be in the form of a percentage or absolute value.



Assigning the markup picklist to show USD instead of % for certain products

  1. Create a custom picklist field on the Quote Line object called MarkupUnit. The API name should be MarkupUnit__c.
  2. Add the following values to the picklist:
    • Amount: mark this value as Default
    • Percent

Note: This applies to all Products.


by danny
on ‎04-03-2017 02:57 PM

Can you please expand on how to utilize this functionality?  It seems as though it is cut short on how to implement.


For my situation, I have a product where the user should enter the cost and have the list price calculate at cost * preset markup percentage.  How can I implement this?