Line Item Groups

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Users can create ad-hoc quote lines groups on the Line Editor to group items, apply discounts, and obtain package totals for groups of products. 




There are three ways you can enable groups on the Line Editor:

  1. Select the Group Line Items checkbox on the Quote object. 
  2. Administrators can create Solution Groups.  Solution Groups allow admins to create pre-defined groups. 
  3. Click Groups > Add Group from the Line Editor. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.28.57 AM.png



Within the Group:

  • Users may edit the Group Description and Group Name by double clicking on the Group Name and/or Group Description areas. When the user hovers over the Group Description field with their mouse, a pencil icon appears to indicate that the field can be edited.
  • You can have a combination of both SolutionGroups and Ad-Hoc groups in the Line Editor: GroupBug1.png
  • All existing line items will be grouped into the first group created by default, whether is a Solution Group or ad-hoc group.  Users can drag-and-drop products into different groups. 


You can change the fields that appear within each group.


To change the group field sets:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Create | Objects | Quote Line Group | Field Sets | Line Editor.
  2. Drag and drop available fields into the Field Set.
  3. Click Save.



  • A quote containing numerous types of software can be grouped by the intended users - Administration, Design, Technical Support, etc.


Note:  Fields will appear in two columns on the right panel of the header.

by joalouleo
‎01-22-2016 06:00 PM - edited ‎01-22-2016 06:08 PM

After the sales rep groups the line items, is there a way to hide all the lines and just show the group name, description, and total amount on the quote document?

by stever
on ‎02-12-2016 05:01 PM

Can you have a combination of both grouped and non-grouped products on a quote? It doesn't appear so. 

by Community Manager
on ‎02-12-2016 05:29 PM

@stever No you cannot.  

by naureenhameed
on ‎02-16-2016 07:22 PM

Is the number of Line Items and Grouped Items supposed to match. Can line items be deleted by deleting the group. Thanks

by Adam
on ‎05-19-2016 11:31 AM

Can solution groups be set up to display on the quote line editor by default with relevant products added without a user having to manually add products to groups other than the first solution group?  Ideally I would like to group line items by Feature but this does not seem possible.  Thanks!

by GSmith
on ‎06-02-2016 09:04 AM

Can quote lines within a bundle be split into multiple groups? i.e. different groups or does the entire bundle always go in one group?

by Community Manager
‎06-02-2016 11:20 AM - edited ‎06-02-2016 01:00 PM

@GSmith It really depends on what you're trying to do.  If you use the Keep Bundles Together setting, then no, you cannot split quote lines into different groups.  If you are not using that setting, then you can drag and drop quote lines to any group you like.  

by Adam
on ‎06-07-2016 08:14 AM

@GSmith Thanks for the response!  I'm really looking for a way to have groups separated by default so that the user doesn't need to drag and drop.

by Community Manager
on ‎06-07-2016 11:21 AM

@Adam We actually have an outstanding Idea to do that.  I presume you want a way to pre-define a SolutionGroup at the product level?  


Here is the Idea if you'd like to vote for it or add additional comments:



by Adam
on ‎06-07-2016 11:31 AM

@tpastorino Exactly.  I would ideally like to create default solution groups based on a variable like Feature or Product Family.

by ksherwin
on ‎08-18-2016 12:48 AM

Is is possible to limit what can be added to a group, such as limiting the ability to add only one product bundle to a group at a time? 

by goodking
on ‎09-12-2016 11:05 PM

Hi Everyone,


I'm not sure there's something I forgot to configure to display a field in Line Editor field set of Quote Line Group and i'm still couldn't see the field.


Please let me know if there's a procedure I forgot.

by OpFocus
on ‎12-20-2016 05:18 PM

I have a client who wants to use Quote Line Groups in the Line Editor but would like the option to generate the Quote Output Document WITHOUT grouping the line items by Quote Line Group. I don't see an option to do that. Is this possible?

by bdowning
‎03-16-2017 04:16 PM - edited ‎03-16-2017 04:18 PM

anyone having issue with the Quote Line Group related list totals become $0.00 after start/end date changes on quote.

I can create a quote, with 2-groups and the items total correctly,
save the quote.
On the quote page, all is well, but if I make a change to either the start or end date on the main quote (NO dates were set in either of the groups - Blank date) and save.
the page refreshes with the Quote Line Group total all a $0.00??

These are managed formula fields in CPQ... so i don't know why they aren't functioning?
All realated WFR have been deactivated as well.

QLGroups screen shot.png

by Nasus
on ‎06-12-2017 08:39 AM

We are having issues with adding the Group description under the Group name in the quote line editor.


The first group is created and Group Name and Group Description updated. We then add another group the Group Name allows us to add text but when we click up the Group Description the text pop up box appears, without the tool bar and we can't add text. We then save the quote go back in and can add text to the second group description.


The third group, we have the same issue with not being able to add text to the Group Description and the only way to resolve this is save the quote and go back in.


One of my users raised this issue as I was able to replicate the issue.