Adding Option Constraints

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This article will explain the different fields you will see when you add a new option constraint.

new option constraint.png

To add an option constraint: 

  1. Navigate to, or create, a product.
  2. Click New Option Constraint from the Option Constraints related list.
  3. Enter the following: 
Field Description
Constraint Name Enter a meaningful name for this option constraint.
Constrained Option Enter or lookup the option in the bundle that you want applied to this constraint.
Constraining Option Enter or lookup the additional option, if the Constrained Option is constraining another options.
Active Select when you want to activate this option constraint.
Configured SKU Enter or lookup the product bundle on which to apply this option constraint. If you create the option constraint from the product detail page, this should already be populated.

Choose the behavior for this constraint: 

  • Dependency: Indicates that the inclusion of an option constraint requires constraining option.
  • Exclusion: Indicates that the option constraint is not available if constraining option is selected and vice versa.
  1. Click Save.

Tip: Add the Package Total field to your Quote Templates if you want to see the net total of the package, plus the total of its components. The Component Field on the Quote Line object summarizes the components in a configuration.


Tip: Wondering why a Rule isn't working? Check your Option Constraints. Remember, Option Constraints override Product Rules!


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