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This article will explain the different fields you will see when you add a new product option.



New fields

Upgrading users may need to add the following fields to the Product Option page layout:

  1. Price Editable
  2. Quantity Editable


To add a new product option: 

  1. Navigate to or create a product.
  2. Click New Product Option from the Options related list.
  3. Enter the following for the option: 


Field Description
Number Set the display order of this option within the feature it's assigned to.
Quantity Enter the quantity of the related product that should be added to the quote. Leave this blank if you want the user to enter a quantity when adding it to the quote. If this field has a quantity, the application will display the quantity as read-only by default.
Quantity Editable Select to explicitly mark the option quantity as editable. This allows you to set a default value for option quantity while allows users the flexibility to make changes.
Selected Select if this product option should be automatically selected by default
Required Select if this product is required on the bundle
Price Editable Select to mark the price as editable, allowing users to make changes to option prices.
Bundled Select to indicate that the related product is bundled with the main product. Bundled options have fixed quantity and zero price as price is included in the main product. Leave this unchecked if the price should be added to the option.
Min Quantity Enter the minimum quantity allowed for this bundle.
Max Quantity Enter the maximum quantity allowed for this bundle.
Discount Schedule Lookup the discount schedule to be applied to the product selected by this option. This discount schedule overrides the discount schedule selected on the product or feature.
Configured SKU Product SKU of the bundle that is being configured with this option. If you create the option from the product detail page, this should already be populated.
Optional SKU Enter or lookup the product SKU that should be added when this product is selected.
Feature Enter or lookup the feature that includes this option. This will be dependent on the Configured SKU.

Choose one of the following: 

  • Component: Choose if this option, including quantity, is dependent on its parent. This means that the product option's bundle requires it and that quantity should be multiplied by the quantity of the bundle. For example, if 2 drives are selected for a server and the server quantity changes from 1 to 2, the quantity for the drive’s option should change to 4.
  • Accessory: Choose if this option is dependent on the parent, but the quantity is independent. For example, when a user enters a quantity for the product option, it will remain the same even if the quantity of the bundle changes.
  • Related Product: Choose if this option is related, but fully independent products. Use this for cross-sell or upsell product options that users can add to the bundle, yet control the quantity independently. Cannot be required.
  • None: Choose if the option should be treated like a component when it is part of a feature. If it is not part of a feature, its quantity is independent and it is not required on the bundle.
Discount (%) or (Amt) Enter a discount, as a percentage or dollar amount based on the field, when the product referenced for this option is offered standalone, but you want to extend a discount if purchased a part of this product bundled.
Unit Price Enter a value for the unit price of this option. This will override the value from the price book.

Note: Salesforce CPQ does not change the unit price field between quotes of different currencies. For example, if you enter 10,000 in your unit price field and then create one quote in USD and another in GBP, your quote line in both has a value of 10,000.


Advanced Settings

Field Description
Component Code Code for the component represented by this option. This is used in conjunction with the Component Code Pattern field on the Product object.
Component Code Position Position of this component in the generated product code for the configuration.
Component Description Description for the component represented by this option. This is used in conjunction with the Configured Description Pattern field on the Product object.
Component Description Position Position of this component in the generated product code for the configuration.
Quote Line Visibility

If your product bundle components are only used to calculate the price of the bundle, you can hide components from users by using this field. Set Quote Line Visibility to one of these values: 

  • Always: Displays components in the Edit Line page and quote document.
  • Editor Only: Displays components in the Edit Line page, but not the quote document.
  • Document Only:  Displays components in the quote document, but not the Edit Lines page.
  • Never: Hides components in the Edit Line page and the quote document.
Discounted By Package Select this if the percentage discounts a user applies to the bundle should be deducted from this product component.
Uplifted By Package Select to automatically apply uplift from parent package to this component. Only applies to components that are multi-segmented products.
Apply Immediately Select to immediately apply changes to this option. Use sparingly to avoid slow user experience. As of Spring 16, this field will also immediately apply quantity changes made within a bundle, thus immediately firing any price rules triggered by quantity changes.
Apply Immediately Context

If Apply Immediately was checked, select from the following options to customize the circumstances for when changes are immediately applied:

  • On Selection: Apply changes immediately upon product selection
  • On Quantity Change: Applies changes immediately upon change of quantity
  • Always: Immediately apply changes upon product selection or change of quantity.
System Select to indicate that the system manages this option, which makes it unavailable for user selection.
Percent of Total Scope

Choose how this dynamic subscription determines target product set if you want to further restrict percent-of-total calculations. Select an option: 

  • Package: Limits calculations for percent of total to the bundle itself, not its components.
  • Components: Limits calculations for percent of total to the components, but not the bundle parenting it.
  • Both: Includes both the bundle and component prices in percent of total calculations.



Enabling this field is useful when you have a bundle and want to apply a discount on the bundle line that automatically cascades to all product options. If it is not enabled, users will have to discount each component individually.


- The Discount field(s) should not be used in conjunction with Bundled.

- If you set the option Type field to Related Product, you should not flag the product option as Required. If you want an option to be required, with a quantity disconnected from the quantity of its parent bundle, set the Type field to Accessory.

- If you set the option Type field to Related Product, you should not flag the product option as Bundled.
- Do not set the type of a product option to Related Product just for the purpose of allowing users to modify the option quantity directly in the ilne editor. If you do so, you allow your users to bypass configuration rules, which might lead to users quoting incorrect or invalid configurations.


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