Alert Rules

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Alert rules can be used as guidance or informational messages to your sales reps during configuration or pricing.  Unlike a validation rule, they allow reps to continue on and save their configurations and quotes without performing a corrective action.  These rules are set up in almost an identical manner as Configuration Rules


Users can click Revise to make changes or click Continue to continue on with their quote.


Note: Alert Rules will be usable in Nested Bundles as of Salesforce CPQ 27.0.4.





  1. For Upgrades: Make sure you add "Alert" as a picklist value for the 'Type' field.
  2. Navigate to Product Rules.
  3. Enter values for the following fields, then click Save:


    Product Rule Name Name of Product Validation Rule.  It is best to enter a meaningful name here to make it easier to distinguish the different rules.
    Conditions Met

    Choose how to apply the Error Conditions:

    • All: All conditions must evaluate to "True" for the rule to fire. 
    • Any: Only one condition must evaluate to "True" for the rule to fire. 
    • Custom: Use with Advanced Conditions field to determine how conditions are evaluated.  For example, this enables a rule with 3 conditions to be handled in the following fashion: 1 AND (2 OR 3).  

    Choose where the rule will be applied:

    • Product: Rule will be used within a product bundle. 
    • Quote: Rule will fire in the Quote Line Editor.
    Evaluation Event

    Choose an Evaluation Event:


    1. Save: The rule will be evaluated when the user clicks Save on the configuration page.
    2. Always: The rule is evaluated upon save. Use this option when creating Real-Time Product Rules.
    Type Choose Alert.  
    Active Activate Rule before testing
    Message For Alert type rules, you will want to enter your informative message for sales reps to see in an alert box. 
    Evaluation Order This field is used to determine the order in which the product rules fire.
    Advanced Condition

    Used to apply logic to the created conditions.

  4. Enter your Error Conditions, then click Save:
    Index Assign a unique number to this condition to reference it in the Product Rule's Advanced Condition.
    Rule Name of the product rule the error condition is related to.  This is a lookup field and is pre-populated to the current rule by default. 
    Tested Object If you are evaluating a field on an object, select that object here.  You can choose from Quote, Quote Line, Product Option, Configuration Attribute, or Upgraded Asset. 
    Tested Field Select the field being evaluated if applicable.  This is a dependent picklist and will be populated with available fields related to the Tested object. 
    Tested Variable If evaluating a summary variable and not a field, enter or lookup the summary variable in this field.
    Operator Choose operator for the condition.
    Filter Type


    • Value: to evaluate against a specified value. 
    • Variable: to evaluate against a Summary Variable. 
    Filter Value Enter value you are comparing against.
    Filter Variable Enter or lookup to the summary variable you are comparing against.
  5. Click Save

by isidle
‎07-18-2016 08:41 PM - edited ‎07-18-2016 08:43 PM

If your scope is "Quote", then the only functioning Evaluation Event is "Save".

"Load" and "Edit" will do nothing, and "Always" will only run when a save is performed. 


by nitingharat
on ‎08-24-2016 06:39 AM

I can not find Type = Alert value while creating product rule. Is there any change recently done on product rule?Type.JPG

by abhinav344
on ‎05-14-2017 02:13 AM


Once you update your package, you should be able to see "Alert"

by kfarrell1
on ‎06-29-2017 12:24 PM

I have updated to 27.0.37 and do not see this value in the picklist. Are there any additional steps after installing the update?  @abhinav344


by Community Manager
‎08-18-2017 05:05 PM - edited ‎08-18-2017 05:05 PM

@lvoelz2 The popup message for an alert no longer says "Revise" or "Cancel". It now shows "Continue" or "Cancel". Can you update the screenshot and the line before it that mentions "Revise"?

by Mike_Watson
on ‎08-30-2017 05:03 PM

@kfarrell1 if you are upgrading from an older version, you need the update the picklist manually with the word "Alert".  it appears the package doesn't do this for you.