An Overview of Product Bundles

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Salesforce CPQ allows you to customize product bundles for items that need to be included together, or have optional features. Product options, features, and constraints allow you to set this up to meet the requirements of your product bundles.




When you purchase a wireless phone, a power adapter is included, but you may specify the type. In addition, you may have the option to include additional items in the bundle, such as a headset or additional battery.


When you purchase an IT Professional Pack, a laptop is included, but you must select from 13", 15" or 17" screens and 2.0 ghz or 2.3 ghz CPUs. In addition, you have the option to include additional items in the bundle, such as a printer or cloud storage space.


The picture below shows an example of how a bundle might appear in the SteelBrick CPQ Configurator. Here, the user must select between a US or UK Power Cord, then optionally select add a monitor or analysis:





Product Bundles consist of the following sections:

  • Options: Additional products in the bundles that contribute to the bundle price.
  • Features: Categories of options. Options with the same feature may have selection constraints, such as pick one or more and pick 2 of 5. They may contribute to the bundle price based on the Bundled checkbox.
    • Example: An IT Setup Professional pack includes Computers, Peripherals, Printing, Networking and Subscriptions as Features.
  • Option Constraints: Constraints placed on products defined in the Options related list. They control which options may or may not be purchased together.
    • Example: One battery may be required and included, but any additional batteries can be added/purchased.

To set up product bundles: 

  1. Create products
  2. Add features
  3. Add options
  4. Add option constraints
  5. Set Bundle Display Format


Tip: It is considered Best Practice to keep Nested Bundles between 1-3 levels deep.

Tip: To define the Field Set for Bundle Config Search Filters, navigate to: Setup | Create | Object | Product Option | Field Set | Search Filter.

Note: Parent Bundle means the Configured SKU of the Product Option represented by the nested bundle. Therefore, it's not always the top level. It's only the immediate parent of a "Child Bundle".


Creating Products

by Elissa
on ‎09-18-2017 09:25 AM

I want to sync the parent bundle product to my opportunity, but not the accessories.  The parent bundle Price is the sum of the accessories.  Can I sync the package total to the Opportunity Product "Sales Price" field?  If I try to create a Process Builder rule, Steelbrick's syncing process seems to take precedence ("Sales Price" gets set to $0, since my parent bundle doesn't have its own Net Total.)  Any other ideas about how to configure this?