Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets

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This feature improves the flexibility of configuration by allowing administrators to create field sets to be used on individual product bundles and features. This allows you to display only relevant Product Option fields when a user selects options in a bundle.


If your org contains a Feature titled "Software," this allows you to display a field named "Media" for items in the "Software" Feature so your users can select whether to download or deliver the "Software" product.



  • Add the "Configuration Field Set" field to the Product page
  • Add the "Configuration Field Set" field to the Feature page

To set up the Bundle & Feature level Field Sets: 

  1. Navigate to: Set Up | Object | Product Option | Field Sets.
  2. Click New.
  3. Create your Product and/or Feature level Field Sets. Refer to Salesforce Documentation for information on setting up Field Sets.
  4. Navigate to your Product.
  5. Select the Configuration Field Set name of your custom Product and/or Feature Configuration Field Set.
    • Ensure that the API name of your newly created custom field set has been added to the picklist.

Configuring Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets: 

  1. Navigate to a Quote.
  2. Click Edit Lines.
  3. Click Add Products.
  4. Add the product whose options you have altered.
  5. Notice that the Field Sets of the product options appear as you have set them up above.


  • A feature level Field Set will override a bundle level Field Set.
by KevinW
3 weeks ago

Custom fields added to the field set do not show up. I can rearrange and remove/add only standard fields on the OptionConfiguration Field Set. Is this normal?

by axella
2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago



When I created a custom field on the option object I added the new field to the OptionConfiguration field set on the option object. It then appeared in the configurator as seen in the image below:


by Khaja
a week ago

@axella Start using incognito window or a private browsing tab.



by axella
a week ago

@Khaja I do. I was just letting Kevin know that could also be the issue he is experiencing.