Configuration Attribute Layouts

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Configuration Attributes may be ordered in up to three columns within the Configurator, above or below the Options within a Feature. This order can be controlled by several Product Option fields. 




  • Organize Configuration Attributes on the Configurator screen.


No setup is required.



To enable Configuration Attribute Layouts:

  1. Navigate to an existing Product Bundle.
  2. Locate the Configuration Attributes section within your Product Bundle.
    • If they exist: Verify that they have Row Order values (ensure that all 3 Configuration Attributes have the same Row Order). The Configuration Attributes can be whatever you believe a sales rep would like to configure and/or filter their Product selection according to; in the example image above the Product relates to party planning so the 3 Configuration Attributes are: "Location," "Number of Party People,", and "Party Length (In Hours)."
    • If they do not exist: Create them and assign the same Row Order to all 3 Configuration Attributes. Only 3 Configuration Attributes may be added to the Layout.
  3. Set the Column Order for Attributes to either:
    • 1 = Appears on the left side of the row.
    • 2 = Appears in the middle of the row.
    • 3 = Appear on the right side of the row.
      • Existing Attributes will be assigned the value of "NONE;" once the Attribute is edited, an error message will appear informing the user that the Attribute requires a value. New Attributes will default to 1.
  4. Add a Product Bundle to a Quote.


In the example below, the Bundle Product contains three configuration attributes. These attributes have been laid out as follows:

  • Location Column Order = 1
  • Unit Price Column Order = 2
  • Discount (%) Column Order = 3

In this case, each Configuration Option had its Position field set to Top. However, you may move any of them to the bottom of the Configurator by setting Position to Bottom.

column order.png


Tip: Configuration Attributes can be placed either at the top or the bottom of a Product or Feature area within the Configuration page. Use the Position Picklist field in order to assign your location for your Configuration Attribute.

Configuration Attributes are vertically arranged in ascending Row Order on a fixed width table.

The 3 available columns span 100% of the table. Each column has a fixed with dependent on the table size (33.3%). The number of table columns cannot be changed; however, the 3 available table columns can be utilized however the user sees fit.

Caution: The Column Order field is required. An error message will appear at the top of the Attribute Detail page reminding users that a column value must be specified upon saving.

by ksherwin
on ‎04-13-2016 09:36 AM

Is it possible to hide a configuration attribute based on the value of a selection in another configuration attribute? 

by danny
on ‎04-05-2017 10:20 AM

My third Configuration Attribute field is not appearing on the page.

For example, in the picture above, Discount (%) isn't coming up.