Dynamic Questions in Guided Selling

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This feature allows administrators to create questions that change dynamically based on answers to previous questions so that sales reps are guided to the correct products.




This enables sales reps to be guided to the correct products by answering questions that change dynamically based on answers to prior questions.


Creating Guided Selling Questions:

    1. Navigate to your Quote Process.
    2. Enter your relevant Quote Process information.

    1. Create a Process Input.

    1. Optional: Create an Input Condition.

  1. Select the "Conditions Met" if there are any: All or Any.
  2. Select the Active checkbox.
  3. Optional: Select the Required checkbox if the condition is required.
  4. Click Save.


  • Answers that are entered for guided selling questions persist so that companies can collect relevant socio-economic data and auto-populate this data when additional products are being added. The values are stored per quote, in the Process Input Values object.
  • Administrators can hide the Product Search filters by default so that sales reps don't interact with Product Filters unless they need them.


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Some feedback:


  • We need to tell a better story around this and walk through an real-life example. 
  • There are quite a few missing steps, like the fact that you need to create fields on the Product and Process Input objects.  Those API names need to go in fields on the Process Input and Process Input Conditions. 
  • We need to mention Process Input Regulated and what it is.
  • We should also have a glossary that incldues a defintion or purpose of the Process Input Values object.
  • We should also link to the Quote Process article if we aren't going to expand in Step 2.
  • Add a Warning:  Process Inputs will not be rendered dynamically if you do not choose a value for "Conditions Met". 
  • The second bullet point in Notes is irrelevant to this - it should be in the article where you explain Configuration Settings. 
by antoine_foucher
on ‎11-26-2015 04:57 AM

How do you select a checked checkbox as input condition? equals 1? equals TRUE?

by prohleder
on ‎03-27-2017 09:49 AM

I need some assistance with the process input conditions feature.  Do I put the condition on the controlling field/guided selling field or the second one? Also, what is the difference between "Process Input Conditions" and "Process Inputs Regulated"?


I am trying to only have a "how many years is the subscription" question appear ONY if the first question equals a certain value.

by test
on ‎03-27-2017 04:53 PM



Here's an example of how to set this up: 



Basically, you just need to create the Process Input condition like you were answering a question.  In this example, the condition reads, "When Deployment = Cloud, show "What do you need to do?".   The  Process Input Condition will appear in the Process Input Regulated related list of the Master Process.  In this case, this process input is regulated by Deployment (see image).  


Make sure you have fields with matching API names on both the Product and Process Input objects.