Guided Selling (Quote Process) Overview

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Guided Selling processes display a set of selectable values that will show certain Products based on user input. This process improves Product search time for orgs with lengthy Product catalogs.



Admins may need to modify the following page layouts:

  • Add the Sort Order field to the Quote Process page layout.
  • Add the Quote Process field to the Line Editor field set on the Quote Line Group object.


Guided Selling Setup

A client sells fiber fabrics of various shapes and sizes. The client's product catalog is composed of three fabrics, sold in various dimensions:


Fabric Type Widths Lengths
Wool, linen and silk 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft 20 ft, 40ft, 60 ft


Sales would like a streamlined user interface that minimizes time need to select the correct model product. A guided selling process will allow buyers to filter products by field values - in this case for the Fabric type, Width and Length fields - rather than manually select from a list of the 27 available Products.Guided Selling.png


We'll return to this example in the Use Case.


Guided Selling Setup

The Guided Selling box appears when the user selects Add Products in the Quote Line Editor or Add Products within a Quote Line Group. This box will appear based on settings defined in the Quote Process object.


Users associate a Quote Process with a Quote by entering the process's ID value in the Quote's Quote Process ID field. This should only be done when one Quote Process is covering every Product that could be added to that Quote.


If you need two or more Quote Process, in order to search within two or more sets of Products, you can create multiple Quote Line Groups and select from different Quote Processes within each group. Whenever a user selects Add Products within this group, Salesforce CPQ will display the Guided Selling box for the selected Quote Process. In the example below, a user is selecting from three available Guided Selling processes for their Group. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 3.03.12 PM.png



The Quote Process object contains information used to create the Guided Selling window. It has a Parent-Child relationship with Process Inputs, which are used to create the field search boxes displayed in the Guided Selling window.


Quote Process & Process Input Fields

Quote Process

The Quote Process object consists of details fields, a related list for the Process Inputs object and a related list for the Quote Line Groups object.

Field Description
Process Name The name of your Quote Process.

If your Quote selects Quote Processes at the Quote Line Group level, you can check this checkbox to set this Quote Process as the default Quote Process selected in the Quote Process picklist. 

Auto Select Product? When selected, Guided Selling will automatically add a Product to your Quote if it's the only one returned by a Guided Selling search.
Guided Only Select if you want Quotes covered by this process to be forced into Guided Product selection; otherwise, you allow ad-hoc filtering.
Product Configuration Initializer Here you can enter the address of a custom Visualforce page that will be invoked on every configurable product to initialize the options.
Product Search Executor VisualForce page that performs custom product search. This page will replace the default Guided Selling box shown above.
Sort Order Enter a value to order (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.) multiple Quote Processes within the Quote Process picklist.


Process Input

The Process Input object contains information about the Product fields your users search against. In the "Fabric Guided Selling" example, you'd want three Process Inputs: One for Fabric Type, one for Width, and one for Length.

Field Description
Input Name Meaningful name that distinguishes the input in the process.
Label Enter text that will display to the user in the prompt.
Display Order Enter a value to order fields within the Guided Selling Box. For example, you could have one Process Input for Fabric Type where Display Order = 1, a Process Input for Width with Display Order = 2 and a Process Input for Length where Display Order = 3.
Default Field Here you may select the field that sources default value for this input.
Active Select this if the input is active in the process.
Quote Process Select the Quote Process. This should be automatically selected if you created the input from within a Quote Process.
Input Field Select the API Name for the field that accepts user entry.
Conditions Met Here you can choose from NoneAny or All to indicate which level of process input conditions must be met.
Product Field Choose the standard or custom product field you want to apply to the Input Field.
Operator Choose the operator to use when compare the Input Field entry with the Product Field.
Product Field Choose the field of the Products you will be filtering input values against. For example, if this Process Input relates to the Fabric Type field, you could enter Fabric_Type__c and Guided Selling will search for input values on all Products containing the Fabric_Type__c field.


For a step-by-step Use Case / walkthrough on creating this Guided Selling Process, you can review Guided Selling Use Case.



Selecting Quote Processes within Quote Line Groups

  1. Navigate to your desired Quote Processes.
  2. Set the Sort Order on each Quote Process to a different numeric value (e.g., 10, 20, 30, etc.)
  3. Select the Default checkbox on the Quote Process that will be initially selected with the Quote Line Editor loads.
  4. In this case, the user has set the Sort Order on IT Pro Pack to 10, IT Pack Guided Selling to 20 and Hardware Support Service to 30.Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 3.03.12 PM.png


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 @claughlin "Building Workflow" still leads to the old doc repository, FYI...not sure if there's a better way to find guided selling docs here yet.

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@chickman2 Thank you for catching that link! We have since updated the "Building Workflow" link to the article which is in our current Knowledge Base: Building a Workflow to Map Quote Processes.


If you are looking for a way to find Guided Selling documents on the knowledge base you can simply click the Guided Selling Label which is highlighted in red at the top of this article and will take you to articles posted by SteelBrick, or just search the term "Guided Selling" which will also include posts in our Support Forum. Another good starting point maybe this Overiew of Guided Selling article.

Please feel free to private message me if you have any other questions or feedback.





by nathanspiwak
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I've created a Quote Process and it's working correctly, except it's still showing the Filter option on the Edit Lines page. I've checked the "Guided Only" checkbox so I'm not sure how to remove/hide the Filter option. Let me know





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I have 3 piclist in guided selling. I can only get one to display the field during the selection. The others are just not there. Any clue?

Running 208.3