Making MDQ Products Appear in the Standard Table by Default

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In my organization, we use multi-dimensional quoting (MDQ) and we have many products set-up with defined price dimensions.  Right now, all products are added to the Segmented Products table if there is a price dimension defined. However, in most cases, we want the products to behave as a standard product would and only act as an MDQ product when required by a sales rep.


How do I make this happen?  


We've heard this request from a lot of customers, so as of Winter Minor Release 1 (v.24.2) we have created a new field on the Product called Default Pricing Table.  Here you can choose if you want your MDQ products to default to either Segmented or Standard tables.  The Default Pricing Table can be set to one of the following options:

  • None - Leaving the Value blank or selecting None defaults to using the Segmented Pricing Table
  • Segmented - Chosing Segmented defaults the Product to appear in the Segmented Pricing Table
  • Standard - Choosing Standard defaults the Product to appear in the Standard Pricing Table

Note: If you choose Segmented as the default table for a non-MDQ product, that product will still appear in the Standard table until a price dimension is defined.  


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by kbednarski
on ‎04-12-2016 10:56 AM



Does this new feature mean a Sales Rep has the flexibility to decide if they want to sell the product segmented or standard?  It looks like I can set that on the Product...but wondering how that would work Sales Rep to Sales Rep.  


For example, I have a product that could be sold as a specific quantity for the full 12 months, or different quantities over the 12 months (quarterly). Is this feature saying I could use the same product and the Sales Rep could decide if they wanted to sell the same quantity for 12 months and have 1 Oppty Product created or quarterly and have 4 Oppty Products created?





by Community Manager
on ‎04-12-2016 01:53 PM

@kbednarski Yes, assuming that the one SKU only has a single (quarterly) price dimension defined.  You can have it default to the standard (12-month product) and the sales rep can segment it within the line editor.  

by lzuluaga
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How about the leading 00 for quantity on the table?  Example, if I select a quantity of 10 then the table/quote shows 10.00. This is specially confusing on the templates that are sent out to clients...


How can this be modified to remove the decimal points?