Product Actions

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A Product Action performs an action on a Product Option, such as selecting or deselecting the option within its bundle, or hiding the option from view. Product Actions are children of Product Rules and will target options based on that rule's Scope, Conditions and Evaluation Event.



Users should be familiar with Product Rules



A Product Action will automatically target a product option (referenced in the Product field) in all Quotes to which the parent Product Rule applies. You can also leave the Product field blank and add filter information that targets one or more products based on certain logic - for example, all Products where the Product Name contains "US".


A Product Action's parent Product Rule Type must be set to Selection.


Field Definitions

Product Action Details

Rule: Lookup to the Rule that runs this Product Action. This field is automatically selected as the parent Product Rule

Type: What will happen to the targeted Product Option:

  • Add/Remove: Automatically select / deselect the option
  • Enable/Disable: Control whether the option's checkbox is checkable or grayed-out
  • Show/Hide: Reveal the option / remove the option from view.

Product: Select the Product that this Product Action will target. You can leave this blank if you plan on using filter fields to search for Products instead.

Required: If this field is selected, the Product Option in the Product lookup field will automatically be selected for all its parent product bundles.


Filter Information

Filter Field: Select a field for the filter to target. The Product Action will look for this field within the object selected as the parent Product Rule's Scope. Salesforce CPQ will scan this field for updates whenever the parent Product Rule is triggered.

Operator: Determine how the filter field will apply to the filter value.

Filter Value: Enter the value that the action will consider for the selected filter field.


The following two fields can be used to further specify your Product Action filter.

Value Object: Select an Object for your filter to target. This field allows you to select a different Object than the one inherited from the parent Product Rule's Scope.

Value Field: Select a field on the Value Object selected above for your filter to target.



An IT hardware distributor has a catalog where several products have different US and UK versions. They would like a Quote setup where sales reps can choose which region's Products are displayed. You can configure this beginning with the following Product Rule:pr_us_uk.png


Add two new Product Actions to this rule. These actions use filters to automatically display all Products with Product Names containing "US" and hide all Products with Product Names containing "UK".


Show all US Products:



Hide all UK Products:



You can then create a second rule/action setup that shows all UK products and hides all US products - just replace switch "US" and "UK" in the filter value sections and ensure the Product Rule has a fitting name.

by ahalliday
on ‎02-24-2017 12:23 PM

Can someone explain the Required field a bit more? I am having trouble understanding why this field would ever be unchecked?

by gormankr
on ‎06-14-2017 08:57 PM

@ahalliday We have a rule set up where once a product is selected, the user has 2 choices to choose from in the options menu.  (IE. product is a pair of jeans.... they can select bue or black, vs forcing a color selection for them).  Therefore, we don't want to require one of the options, since they have the ability to select one or the other.  Generally speaking though, if there is only one option, I wonder if it matters whether or not the Required field is checked.  @lvoelz2  Can you elaborate?