Product Managed Fields

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Steelbrick CPQ provides a variety of custom managed fields for Products.



Field Label API Name Data Type Description Quote Line Equivalent
Asset Conversion SBQQ__AssetConversion__c Picklist Determines how this product is converted to asset. Select either One Quote per Line or One Quote per Unit.  
Batch Quantity SBQQ__BatchQuantity__c Number (10,2) Quantity in one batch for products sold in batches. Quantity entered in quote line will be divided by this value and rounded up to the nearest integer.  
Block Pricing Field SBQQ__BlockPricingField__c Picklist Field used to calculate block pricing.   
Component SBQQ__Component__c Checkbox Marks this product as a component, excluding it from selection in product lookup.   
Compound Discount (%) SBQQ__CompoundDiscountRate__c Percent(5, 3) Discount rate compounded by quantity.   
Configuration Event SBQQ__ConfigurationEvent__C Picklist

Choose an option to control when Configure Products screen shows up for this product.

  • Add to limit to initial configuration. 
  • Edit to limit to subsequent configuration. 
Configuration Fields SBQQ__ConfigurationFields__c Long Text Area Additional fields collected during configuration of this product. All of these fields must exist on Product Option and Quote Line objects.   
Configuration Field Set SBQQ__ConfigurationFieldSet__c Picklist Choose the field set that will be used for this product during configuration.  See Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets for more information.  
Configuration Form Title SBQQ__ConfigurationFormTitle__c Text(100) Title of the configuration form rendered from specified configuration fields.   
Configuration Type SBQQ__ConfigurationType__c Picklist

Choose the configuration type of this product:

  • Allowed if the user is allowed to configure the product/bundle, but not required to,
  • Disabled when your bundle automatically selects options, or
  • Required if the product/bundle must be configured. 
Configuration Validator SBQQ__ConfigurationValidator__c Long Text Area JavaScript function used to validate configuration of this product.   
Configured Code Pattern SBQQ__ConfiguredCodePattern__c Text(255) Pattern used to generate product code (SKU) for configured products. Used in the creation of Dynamic SKUs.  
Configured Description Pattern SBQQ__ConfiguredDescriptionPattern__c Rich Text Area Pattern used to generate dynamic product description for configured products.   
Cost Editable SBQQ__CostEditable__c Checkbox Controls whether cost for this product may be modified on individual quotes.   
Cost Schedule SBQQ__CostSchedule__c Lookup(Discount Schedule) Discount schedule for used as a Cost Schedule with this product.   
Custom Configuration Page SBQQ__CustomConfigurationPage__c Text(40)    
Custom Configuration Required SBQQ__CustomConfigurationRequired__c Checkbox    
Customer Community Availability SBQQ__CustomerCommunityAvailability__c Picklist

Select how this product should be available in Customer Communities. 

  • Only When Already Owned: Product will only be available within Customer Communities when selected through customer self-service.
  • Always: Product is always available to all members of Customer Communities.
  • Never: Product is never available within Customer Communities.
Default Quantity SBQQ__DefaultQuantity__c Number(13, 5) Specifies the starting quantity of the product when added.   
Default Pricing Table (v24.2)  SBQQ__DefaultPricingTable__c Picklist

Select the pricing table this product should appear in by default when price dimensions are defined.  

  • Segmented: MDQ products will appear in the Segmented table where you can edit segments of time.  
  • Standard: MDQ products will appear in the Standard table and behave as a single line item.  Users will be able to re-segment the line item if they choose. 
Disable Reconfiguration SBQQ__ReconfigurationDisabled__c Checkbox Flag that disables re-configuration of this product. If selected, users will not have access to a Configure link on the Edit Lines page after product has been added.   
Discount Schedule SBQQ__DiscountSchedule__c Lookup(Discount Schedule) Discount schedule for use with this product.   
Dynamic Pricing Constraint SBQQ__DynamicPricingConstraint__c Picklist

Specifies constraints on dynamically-calculated pricing. 

  • List Price is Minimum: Applies the list price when the calculated percent of total falls below the list price.
  • List Price is Maximum: Applies the list price when the calculated percent of total exceeds the list price.
Exclude From Maintenance SBQQ__ExcludeFromMaintenance__c  Checkbox Excludes this product from percent-of-total maintenance calculations.   
Exclude From Opportunity SBQQ__ExcludeFromOpportunity__c Checkbox Indicates this product should be excluded from transfer to the Opportunity.   
Generate Contracted Price (v24.2) SBQQ__GenerateContractedPrice__c Picklist

Choose Yes to auto-generate a contracted price on an Account when the Opportunity is contracted.  


Note: Customer price will be stored.  

Has Configuration Attributes SBQQ__HasConfigurationAttributes__c Checkbox Checks to see if Product has Configuration Attributes.   
Hidden SBQQ__Hidden__c Checkbox Excludes this product from appearing on the quote PDF.   
Hide Price in Search Results SBQQ__HidePriceInSearchResults__c Checkbox Indicates whether the product price should be displayed in the Product Search Results.   
Include in Maintenance SBQQ__IncludeInMaintenance__c Checkbox Check to Include products in percent-of-total calculations that are normally excluded (e.g.: subscription products).  
Lock Description SBQQ__DescriptionLocked__c Checkbox Flag that indicates this product's description is locked (not editable on the quote).   
New Quote Group SBQQ_NewQuoteGroup__c Checkbox  Check to create a new quote group when this product is added (unless the current group is empty).   
Non Discountable SBQQ__NonDiscountable__c Checkbox Marks this product as non-discountable.   
Non Partner Discountable SBQQ__NonPartnerDiscountable__c Checkbox Check to make this product non-discountable for partners.   
Optional SBQQ__Optional__c Checkbox Select if this product is optional by default. Optional products don't contribute to quote total or get transferred to the opportunity.   
Option Layout SBQQ__OptionLayout__c Picklist

Choose how to present options to users.  See Setting a Bundle Display Format for more information.

Option Selection Method SBQQ__OptionSelectionMethod__c Picklist

Determines how options are presented to users: 

  • Click: Users select options by clicking in a checkbox next to the option.
  • Add: Users click an Add button which opens an Option Selection page with all availalbe options.
Price Editable SBQQ__PriceEditable__c Checkbox Indicates this product allows for price to be freely editable when building a quote.   
Pricing Method SBQQ__PricingMethod__c Picklist

Choose a Pricing method that should be applied to this product.

  • List: Standard pricebook pricing.
  • Cost: Use for cost+markup pricing.
  • Block:  Use if you have block prices on the product. 
  • Percent of Total: Use for products whose pricing is based on other products.  
Pricing Method Editable SBQQ__PricingMethodEditable__c Checkbox Specifies whether Pricing Method may be changed when this product is added to quote.   
Product Picture ID SBQQ__ProductPictureID__c Text(18) ID of Document or Content record that holds the picture for this product.    
Quantity Editable SBQQ__QuantityEditable__c Checkbox Allow or prevent changing the quantity for this product.  
Quantity Scale  SBQQ__QuantityScale__c  Number(1, 0) Specifies the number of decimal places used in the Quantity field.    
Renewal Product  SBQQ__RenewalProduct__c  Lookup(Product) Product that replaces this product on renewal. Use this to quote a different SKU when renewing.    
Sort Order  SBQQ__SortOrder__c  Number(18,0) Determines a default sort order of products in the Product Lookup page, and therefore the order in which they are added to the quote.    
Specifications  SBQQ__Specifications__c  Rich Text Area(32000) Formatted specifications for this product for use in quote templates to produce spec sheets.    
Percent of Total Base (formerly Subscription Base) SBQQ__SubscriptionBase__c Picklist  Determines whether dynamic subscriptions are calculated off List, Net, Regular or Customer product price.   
Percent of Total Category (formerly Subscription Category) SBQQ__SubscriptionCategory__c  Picklist 

Use this to limit percent-of-total subscriptions to certain products. For example, you could set Hardware and Software Categories, then select software maintenance to only calculate percentage on software products.

Percent of Total Percent (formerly Subscription Percent) SBQQ__SubscriptionPercent__c  Percent(4,3)  Percent of non-subscription total to be used as the price of this subscription.  
Subscription Pricing  SBQQ__SubscriptionPricing__c  Picklist Type of pricing to use for this subscription, either None, Fixed Price or Percent of Total. None means this product is not a subscription.   
Percent of Total Subscription (formerly Subscription Target) SBQQ__SubscriptionTarget__c  Lookup(Product) Specify Product on which maintenance should calculate.    
Subscription Term  SBQQ__SubscriptionTerm__c  Number(5, 0) Term length of this subscription. Only applicable if the product is a subscription.  
Subscription Type SBQQ__SubscriptionType__c Picklist  Select the type of Subscription, either Renewal or One-time. Renewable Subscriptions will transfer to Renewal Quotes. One-time Subscriptions will not.    
Taxable SBQQ__Taxable__c Checkbox Indicates whether this product is taxable.    
Term Discount Level SBQQ__TermDiscountLevel__c Picklist Specify subscription term level that should be used in calculating term discount. Leave blank to indicate default.    
Term Discount Schedule SBQQ__TermDiscountSchedule__c Lookup(Discount Schedule) Specify subscription term level that should be used in calculating term discount. Leave blank to indicate default.    
Upgrade Credit SBQQ__UpgradeCredit__c Lookup(Product) Use to specify credit when quoting upgrades to this product.   
Upgrade Source  SBQQ__UpgradeSource__c Lookup(Product) Product being upgraded. Populating this field makes this product an upgrade.    
Upgrade Target  SBQQ__UpgradeTarget__c Lookup(Product) Specify the upgraded product. Only applicable if this product is an upgrade as indicated by Upgrade From field being populated.    


by David_Moorman
on ‎04-28-2016 05:04 AM

" Compoonent" Is this a typo ?


ComponentSBQQ__Compoonent__cCheckboxMarks this product as a component, excluding it from selection in product lookup. 
by gcoolidge
on ‎05-03-2016 02:45 PM

FYI, Your description of the Quantity Editable field is actually the description of the Quantity Scale field.

by Community Manager
on ‎05-03-2016 04:41 PM

Thank you - The description has been corrected accordingly.

by SueA
on ‎08-17-2016 10:10 PM

Based on the comment above, it look like the 'Hidden' field should supress this product from appearing on the Quote Document. Am I reading it wrong? This isn't the behavior I'm witnessing.

by frankshapiro
on ‎12-20-2016 09:55 AM

@SueA That is correct. This was a bug that was fixed in a later version

by joanna
on ‎01-16-2017 05:11 AM

Can we use specification field to show up under the Column Lines?


I would like to store them in simillar manner as Terms & Conditions. Is it possible?

by KRothstein
on ‎07-17-2017 01:28 PM

Can someone further explain the Asset Amendment Behavior field on the product?  The help text isnt making a lot of sense.