Segmented Products: Yearly

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This is one of two articles on Segmented Products. For information on One-Time Segmented Products, please review Segmented Products: One-Time.




    1. Navigate to your desired Product.
    2. Enter your Subscription Pricing. Yearly Price Dimensions are always treated as Subscriptions.
      • Set your Subscription Term to 12 months. If you are creating a Yearly Price Dimension for this product, Subscription Term must be set to 12 months.
    3. Set your Product to Active.
    4. Choose your Subscription Type(Yearly Dimensions are always Subscriptions)
      • Renewable:This Product will be renewed.
      • One-time:This is Product will not be renewed, and therefore will not appear in the Renewal Contract.
    5. Click New Price Dimension within the Price Dimensions Related List.


  1. Enter a Dimension Name.
  2. Choose Year as your Price Dimension Type. Yearly Price Dimensions treats your Line Items as Subscription Products.PriceDimensionEdit.png
  3. Optional: To define independent pricing for the Price Dimension, enter information into the following fields:
    • Price Book: Associates this Price Dimension to a particular Price Book. A Price Dimension can only be applied to a Quote if the associated Price Book is also being used in the Opportunity. If this field is left blank, it will inherit the Price Book from the Product.
    • Default Quantity: This is where you specify the starting quantity of the Product when added. This is a numeric value.
    • Quantity Scale: This specifies the number of decimal places used in the Quantity field.
    • Unit Price: This will override the value from the Price Book. If a Unit Price is entered, a Price Book must also be associated on the Price Dimension.
    • Discount Schedule: This is a specific Discount Schedule that is used with this particular Price Dimension.
    • Term Discount Schedule: This is a schedule for discounts based on Subscription Term. Values entered into these fields will override the values entered at the Product level.
      • If Term Discount Schedule is being applied to a Segmented Product, it must be set to Quote or Group. If set to Line, the discount will not be applied based on the full term length because each yearly segment is a separate Quote Line.
  4.  Optional: To define whether the Price Dimension will inherit values entered at the Product for the following fields: Quantity Editable, Non Discountable,Price Editable, Non Partner Discountable, Cost Editable, and Taxable. Choose one of the following options from the drop-down menu: 
    • None: No action will be taken.
    • Inherit: The value will be inherited from the Product-level selection. This is the default.
    • Yes: The Price Dimension chooses "Yes" and will override the Product-level selection.
    • No: The Price Dimension chooses "No" and will override the Product-level selection.
  5. Click Save.


To quote a Multi-Dimensional Product: 

    1. Mark your new Quote as Primary.
    2. Enter a Subscription Term. If your Subscription Term Unit package setting is set to:
      • Day: Enter your Subscription Term in days.
      • Month: Enter your Subscription Term in months.
        • Subscription Term must be set on the Quote.
    3. Add your desired multi-dimension Products. Do this as you normally would; click Edit Lines and/or navigate to the Product Lookup.
    4. Optional: Ensure that the Field Sets you want to appear in the Line Editor are available. For a quick review on how to add these Field Sets, see the "Preconditions" section at the bottom of the Multi-Dimensional Quoting (MDQ) section.
    5. Once you've added all your desired Products, click the Expand icon, , located in your Line Item # column to edit your multi-dimensional Line Items.Multiple Detail sections can be open at once.
    6. Optional: Enter any Uplift percentage. Uplifts are applied against the Regular Price of the previous year; this is why an Uplift cannot be applied to the first Year of any Subscription.
      • Uplifts compound year after year.
      • Volume Discount can affect Uplift.


  1. Click Save.
      • When you navigate back to the Quote details page, you'll notice within the Quote Lines section that Year 1-3 of the above Subscription Product all have individual Line Names. Clicking on the Line Name will give you Quote Line Detail about that Year.


To generate a Renewal Opportunity:

  1. Navigate to the Opportunity.
  2. Select the Contracted checkbox.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Navigate to: Account Detail Page | Contracts | Contract Detail.
  5. Select the Renewal Quoted checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
    • The Quantity and Price for each Year on the Renewal Quote reflects the last year from the original Quote.
    • Any Partner/Distributor Discounts applied in the Net Price of the original Subscriptions are not carried over to the Renewal. The Renewal Price is based on the Customer Price.

    • All segments' Regular Prices are discounted based on the Discount Tier containing that Quantity. Segments are not double-discounted.
    • The Contract Renewal Term that begins after a Contracted Price expires, will use the Contracted Price that is effective on the Start Date of the Renewal. If the new Contracted Price expires during the Renewal Quote Term, it will still apply to all segments to the Segmented Product because the order starts when the Contracted Price is still effective.

To add the same Uplift % to all Years across all Products in a Bundle: 

  1. Navigate to your Product Option.
  2. Select the Uplifted by Package checkbox.
    • If this checkbox is selected when the bundle is added, the Quote Line Component Uplifted by Package checkbox settings will be inherited from the Product Option.
    • If this checkbox is not selected when the bundle is added, the Component Uplifted by Package checkbox must be selected on the Quote Line.
  3. Click Save.


It is possible, but not recommended, for a user to delete just one Line (i.e. "Year") of their Yearly Segmented MDQ Product. If this occurs, we recommend, deleting the remaining Lines/Yearly Segments of that particular MDQ Product manually; and, if desired, re-adding that particular Product by clicking the "Add Products" button.

by ashleyberger1
on ‎05-09-2017 02:24 PM

According to the screenshot in this arcticle, reps should be able to add an additional discount to Year 1, but in my MDQ, its not editable. It is in year 2+. Am I missing a step? Discountable is set to inherit in the price demension and the product is marked as discountable. If they desegment the line, they can add a discount to both years, but it doesn't carry back over to Year 1 if they resegement. Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.19.56 PM.png

by blis
on ‎05-18-2017 11:22 AM



That is odd. Can you try clearing your browser cache and make sure you're on the most recent release to see if the issue persists? 27.0.34 is out now, not sure if you're on it. 


by ashleyberger1
on ‎05-19-2017 04:37 PM

That was it! Upgraded to the latest. It didn't work on quote line items created before the upgrade, but if I deleted the bundle and re-added it, it worked! Thanks!