Setting Configuration Type

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Admins may modify a bundle's Configuration Type field to control when users are required to select that bundle's Product Options.



  • Configuration Type: This Product field may be set to the following values:
    • AllowedChoose this if the user is allowed to configure the product or bundle, but is not required to do so. Next, set the appropriate Configuration Event to control when your users want to configure options.
    • DisabledChoose this when your bundle automatically selects options. It does not prompt users to choose options or display a Configure link next to the quote line item.
    • RequiredChoose this if the user is required to configure the bundle. Note: If the bundle is not within another bundle, and no options are required, choose at least one option if you want the Configure link to display on that option's quote line.


This feature allows admins to control how users select a bundle's Product Options.



Admins may need to add the Configuration Type field to the Product page layout.



  1. Navigate to, or create, a product.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Choose the Configuration Type
  4. Click Save.


These Configuration Type values may be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Allowed: The bundle is a laptop with several configuration options. These options default to the cheapest default values (such as 8GB of ram vs 16GB and 32GB) but the user may upgrade to more expensive options if desired.
  • Disabled: The bundle is a laptop with only one product option available for each feature. The features have been established so users can easily review the laptop's specifications.
  • Required: The bundle is a laptop that has significant price and feature differences between a feature's options, such as no graphics card versus a $500 graphics card. This ensures that your users will be less likely to accidentally skip past option selection and thus configure an expensive Quote in error. 



Setting Bundle Display Format


on ‎01-12-2017 03:18 PM

How do you enable Configuration Type? When I tried to edit it it doesn't allow me to. I've done it on other products that I have before, but for some reason it stopped working and now won't let me select what type of Configuration type or event I want for the product.