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Note: This feature is part of Salesforce CPQ's 27.1 Minor Release. Minor Releases contain features and upgrades, for specific customers, that are not yet available in a public release. All the features noted below will be publicly available in the next Major Release.


The Clone to Groups feature lets users clone one or more Products from one Group (Quote Line Groups or Solution Groups) to multiple target Groups.




This process is useful when multiple Products need to be quickly cloned across a large number of Groups - for example, a Quote with 10 Groups where each Group is based on a different serviceable location for Products in your catalog. Automatically cloning 20 Products into every Group will take fewer clicks than selecting Clone Group and configuring each individual cloned Product to the new serviceable location.


Bundles and MDQ Products will maintain their structures when cloned between Groups.


If you select multiple lines, then select the Clone icon of an unselected box, the Quote Line Editor will perform standard cloning behavior - only the unselected line will be cloned.


This feature will be available in mobile platforms as of Salesforce CPQ Spring 17.



The Clone to Groups feature requires that users can select multiple checkboxes within the Quote Line Editor. This feature is enabled through the package-level setting Multi-line Delete:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Managed Packages
  2. Navigate to the Line Editor Tab
  3. Enable Multi-Line Delete


  1. Navigate to a Quote with at least one Quote Line Group or Solution Group.
  2. Select the checkbox for at least one Product in a Group and select the Clone Line icon for any of your selected Products. The Clone To Group(s) popup box will appear.
    • While this box will appear if only one Group is present, you need at least two Groups to move Products between different groups.
    • Clone To Group(s) will not appear if you select Clone Line on an ungrouped item, even if other grouped Products are selected.
  3. Within the Clone to Group(s) modal, the Available Groups box displays all Groups that your selected Products can be cloned into. Selected Groups displays all the Groups your selected Products will be cloned into. Select a Group in Available Groups and then select the arrow icons to move Groups into or out of the Selected Groups list.
    • You can shift-click to select multiple Groups all at once, or control-click (command-click on Macs) to select multiple Groups one at a time.
    • Available and Selected Groups will always display Groups in the order those Groups appear on the Quote.
    • In this case, the user is cloning 3 Products into Group1 and Group2.ctg.png
  4. Select Save to complete the cloning.  Select Cancel to return to the Line Editor without saving your changes.
on ‎12-28-2016 11:18 AM

Is there also going to be enhanced functionality to allow renewal quotes to retain groups? Currently today, groups do not carry over on renewal quotes.




Dan Hansen