Building a Workflow to Map Quote Processes

by Community Manager on ‎08-13-2015 10:19 AM - edited on ‎12-14-2016 11:12 AM by Community Manager


You can activate a Quote Process by creating a Workflow Rule with a field update to populate the Quote Process ID field with the ID of the Quote Process that you want to apply to the Quote.



You can create a workflow rule that is based on the quote's reseller, region, or term that populates a different quote process ID to guide the rep through different prompts.



  1. Create a workflow field update that updates the Quote Process Id field, on the Quote object, with the unique identifier of the quote process.
    • This unique identifier will be either the Salesforce 15-digit case sensitive or 18-digit case insensitive ID for the Quote Process, which is viewable in the Quote Process Detail page URL.
  2. Create a workflow rule on quotes that triggers on creation of the quote.
  3. Apply the quote process to the appropriate quotes based on your internal process. For example, region = "Northwest".
  4. Activate the test your workflow rule. If your logic is more complex, contact SteelBrick for custom development.

Note: To set the Guided selling tab as the default in product lookups, select "Guided Selling" from the Default Product Lookup Tab field on the user account.

Tip: To use quote processes at the line item group level, add the Quote Process lookup field to the Line Editor field set for the Quote Line Group object. Instruct users to select the appropriate quote process for each group on a quote to change what users see when they select Add Product.