Creating Dynamic Proposals

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SteelBrick CPQ has an advanced proposal generator that dynamically includes selected PDF documents in your generated quotes. Your users control where these PDF documents display in relation to the quote material as they are generating each quote. You control when these documents are available to users by associating them with quote templates or products.



Make a data sheet an optional attachment for quotes that contain its product.


To set up Dynamic Proposals that include Additional Documents: 

  1. Store your PDF documents in a document folder or Content Library.
  2. Copy the Document ID that displays in the URL.
  3. Determine what attributes should make the enclosed PDF available: Products or Quote Templates.
  4. Navigate to Quote Template | Quote Template Name | Additional Documents. Follow these steps for Product, if desired.
  5. Click New Additional Document form the Additional Document related list.
  6. Enter the ID for the PDF documents. The name displays after you remove focus.
  7. Select Required if the PDF should always be included. Users will be able to reorder these documents above or below quote material, but the cannot remove it when generating a quote.
  8. Click Save.

Tip: The above steps used for uploading a document to the Quote Template can also be used for uploading a document to a Product, Quote, and Opportunity.

Acceptable Document IDs

Acceptable Document IDs begin with:

  • 069 = Content in a Library
  • 015 = Document in a Folder
  • 00P = Attachment to a record