Creating Standard Terms

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Standard terms are sets of Quote Term text that will be automatically included on all Quotes. You can create standard terms and subterms, then establish the order you want them to appear.


To create standard terms: 

  1. Click the Quote Terms tab.
  2. Click New and enter the following: 
  3. Field Description
    Print Order Enter a number representing the order you want this term to display, from top to bottom.
    Status Choose the stage of your term in the approval process. This field allows you to build an approval process into your terms.
    Parent Term Choose another term, if this is a subterm of it, that should be included within that term. Subterms can be sorted within their parent term by another print order number.
    Conditions Met


    • All: If all the conditions must be met for the term to be included.
    • Any: If one or more of the conditions must be met for the term to be included.
    • Custom:  Use with the Advanced Conditions field to define how the conditions should apply.  For example, this enables a rule with 3 conditions to be handled in the following fashion: 1 AND (2 OR 3).
    Advanced Condition Can only be used if Conditions Met = Custom.  Use a combination of parentheses, condition #s, ANDs, and ORs to determine how conditions should be applied.  
    Active Select to include the term and its subterms in any quote where conditions are met.
    Owner Name of the user who created this term.
    Quote Choose a quote from the picklist if the term applies to a single quote only. Leave this field blank if the term is standard, globally appearing on quotes where conditions are met.
    Standard Term Leave this field blank when creating a standard quote. This is only valid when manually creating a quote term on a quote to replace an existing one.

    Enter the text of your term or subterm. To dynamically include text, use a merge field in the same format as template content: 


  4. Click Save.
  5.  Repeat these steps for any subterms, but select the term that includes the subterm in the Parent Term field.

Note: Subterms display along with their parent terms when the parent term is active and meets the conditions applied.


Creating a Quote Term Using Advanced Conditions

As of Winter '16, SteelBrick allows admins to use logical ANDs and ORs when setting up quote terms, which provides more control over which conditions apply to the term.  For example, this enables a rule with 3 conditions to be handled in the following fashion: 1 AND (2 OR 3).  

To set this up:  

  1. For Upgrades: Make sure you add "Custom" as a picklist value for the Conditions Met field.  You will also need to add the "Advanced Condition" field to the Price Rule page layout. 
  2. Select All from the Conditions Met dropdown menu. You will later be required to change the Conditions Met to Custom, but in order to avoid receiving an error message during set up, the Conditions Met should remain as All until the set up process is complete.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Add your Term Conditions as you normally would.
  5. Change the Conditions Met dropdown selection to Custom.
  6. Enter your Advanced Condition using the Term's Index field value as your reference when grouping.  
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