Creating Template Sections

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This article contains walkthroughs for creating template sections and how to position template content on the Quote Document.



  1. Navigate to Quote Templates and select the Quote Template you wish to edit.
  2. Click the New Template Section button in the Sections related list.template sections.png
  3. Information:
    1. Enter a Section Name.
    2. Choose the Content for this section. Each section is based on template content that determines what is displayed in that section.
    3. Enter a number in Display Order. This number determines the section is positioned on the Quote page page (top-down order with 1 as the highest position) relative to other sections.
    4. Choose a Conditional Print Field. This is a Quote field checkbox that controls whether this section will print on PDF-generated quote documents. It can also be based on a formula in order to control print behavior. The section will not print if FALSE (uncheked) and will print if TRUE (checked.) 
    5. Choose a Group Field, which will group line items in this section by the values in that field. This allows you to have different sections in different groupings. Before a field can be available in the Group Field, add the API name of the Quote Line field to the Group Field as a picklist value on the Template Section object. Note: Only applicable in Line Items section.
    6. Choose a Roll-Up Field if you want to collapse rows of lines items in the selected section. 
    7. Select Hide Column Header to hide column headers. Note: Only applicable to sections pointing to template content type of Line Items.
    8. Select Price Quote Totals to print quote totals after this section. Note: Only applicable in Line Items section.
    9. Enter a value for Top Margin and Bottom Margin, in inches, to space each section respectively from the section above and / or below it.
    10. Choose a Summary Display
      1. Always: Choose to display subtotal, discounts, and grand total, regardless of other settings.
      2. Never: Choose to hide summaries regardless of other settings.
      3. None: Choose this to render summary as defined by template fields.
    11. Enter a HEX code for the color used to display Border Color of tables. This field only applies to sections that point to Line Item template content. 
      • Note: You can make line item section borders "invisible" by setting this color to the same value as the background color on which the Quote Document will display. In most cases, this will be white.
  4. Page Break Settings
    1. Choose a page break option, if you want a page break to occur before, after, or both before and after the section.
    2. Choose from None, Auto or Always as options for : 
      1. Keep Together: Choose this option if you want SteelBrick CPQto keep all content in the section on the same page. If the section content includes more lines than are on a page, it will split the content onto different pages.
      2. Keep With Previous: Choose this option if you want the section to occur on the same page as the section above it.
      3. Keep with Next: Choose this option if you want the section to occur on the same page as the section below it.
  5. Filtering Information Settings
    1. Choose None or Optional from the Filter Field picklist. If Optional is selected, records rendered by this section will be filtered based off the value selected in Filter Value
    2. Enter a Field Value used in filtering records rendered by this section.
    3. Choose a logical operator from Filter Operator for filtering the Filter Valueagainst.
  6. Click Save to finalize your changes.


Tip: If you'd like an image to span the entire page of an HTML Template Content section, set the image width to 540px. The image height will auto-format.


by ksherwin
on ‎05-31-2016 09:13 AM

I have a question about the Summary Display.


I have template with 6 sections. 


When the 'show' discount total display checkbox is checked on the quote template itself, the discount will appear on all 6 sections. 


However, when I remove the 'show' discount total display for the quote template and select Always for ONE section, the discount is not displaying on the one section where I need the discount applied. 


If I check the show discount box again on the quote template, the discount appears. Uncheck, it will not show at all. 


What would cause the discount to be suppressed on the section if I can show it on the quote template level? 


Thank you! 

on ‎08-15-2016 01:36 PM

How sholuld I change heading background color on line items table in generated pdf?

by aturner
on ‎09-01-2016 09:30 AM

 It would be helpful to add more detail to the filter field logic - it does not mention that a field API name can be added to the picklist, but instead directs the user to "Choose None or Optional from the Filter Field picklist."

by purumahay
on ‎01-09-2017 01:52 PM

We wanted to create Dynamic Quote template on top of our existing standard quote templates. For eg: if user select certain values on Quote and Quote lines only then display the new Verbiage else skip it. Please let us know the way to make it but without making any additional sections.

by unnatshrestha
on ‎02-03-2017 04:09 AM

Hi Puru,


I think you can achieve this few tweaks.

First you'll have to create two template sections, each containing different template content where you verbiage would be different.


Next, you'll create a field within Quote as an identifier, this has to be a checkbox field that returns either true or false, for example, a formula Checkbox field, 

If (Probability > 70%, true, false).


You'll then use this field within your Template section field, called as "Conditional Print Field" for which you want to display the verbiage.


Hope this helps!