Custom HTML Template Content Troubleshooting

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When editing a Custom Template Content section, SteelBrick best practices recommend Cloning the Template Content and then editing the clone. This ensures you always have a working Template content section reference and don't run the risk of editing your already-working content in a way that would make it unusable.



Failed to Load PDF Document

This error often occurs due to changes in the row and column layout of the HTML table that holds the custom Template content.



  1. Clone the Custom Template Content Section(s) used in the Quote Template
  2. Replace the referenced Template Content in each respective Quote Template Section with the Cloned TEST Template Content from Step 1.
  3. Delete Tables, Rows, or Columns one at time in each Template Content Section. After each deletion, Preview the Document to try to identify which section of the code is flawed and causing the error. 
  4. Remove non-working HTML or log a SteelBrick Support Case so we can assist in troubleshooting the source code and fixing the section.


Users may also see the Failed to Load PDF Document error due to unintentional field value changes:



For some users, migrating from Sandbox to Production using the Data Loader will cause field values with more than one 0 to be truncated to a single zero. This is most common for color field values written in color hexidecimal, i.e. 000000 for black:



This is an Excel and Dataloader issue unrelated to SteelBrick functionality. However, you can work around this by ensuring your cells in Excel are formatted as text and not as numbers. You can also manually change any already-truncated numbers on the Quote Template.

by NickS
on ‎12-13-2016 03:31 PM

@lvoelz2 @TWasson This should be updated to include copying and pasting a merge field causes "Unknown field: Custom_Field__c" 

by NickS
on ‎12-13-2016 04:34 PM

@lvoelz2 @TWasson also leaving a filter operator blank on a template section generates "attempt to de-reference a null object error" when Filter field and value are populated