Draft Watermark Added to Quote PDF

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Admins can enable a "Draft" watermark to display on a previewed Quote Document as long as the Quote is in the "Draft" stage.



Watermark ID: The value of this Quote Template field should contain the Salesforce ID for the document containing the watermark image used in the Quote PDF.

Watermark Shown: Select this Quote field to have all previewed Quotes in Draft status display your selected "Draft" watermark.



Admins can ensure a previewed/printed Quote in Draft status is labeled accordingly so it is not accidentally confused with a finalized Quote.



Admins may need to modify the following page layouts:

  • Add the Watermark ID field to the Quote Template page layout.
  • Add the Watermark Shown field to the Quote page layout.




  1. Navigate to Documents and click New.
  2. Upload desired watermark image that will appear in the background of Draft documents. Salesforce CPQ has included a standard "Draft" watermark image in the Document Assets folder.
  3. Ensure that the Externally Available Image checkbox is selected and click Save.
  4. Copy the SFDC ID from the URL of the "Draft" watermark Document.

  1. Navigate to your desired Quote Template.
  2. Paste the SFDC ID from the URL of the "Draft" watermark Document into the Watermark ID field and click Save.   


Linking a watermark to the draft status:

You can create a workflow rule to control when a watermark appears on your quote output. This will ensure only non-finalized quotes are watermarked. This Workflow Rule should apply to the Quote Document object.

Tip: Administrators can include their own watermark rather than using the provided standard SteelBrick "Draft" watermark. Salesforce CPQ best practices recommend using a "Draft" watermark image that is the same size as the Quote PDF page.

by srinipusuluri
on ‎11-08-2016 06:01 PM



I tried this and didnt work, would you like to offer extra guidence ??



by nevinoregan79
on ‎02-28-2017 06:47 AM

I have also tried the above workflow and it does not work. The Watermark Shown check box does not update even though the criteria has been met and the workflow is active.

by SummaTech
‎04-19-2017 08:37 AM - edited ‎04-19-2017 08:38 AM

Does a watermark show with a template that has a custom visual force section?

by MCEvolution
on ‎07-26-2017 01:51 PM

Please can you provide guidance or instructions for using the Process Builder to achieve Watermark Shown being True/Checked if in the Draft stage?


I have tried many permutations and all fail with errors.

by axella
on ‎08-26-2017 11:42 PM

@MCEvolution Hi Mc -


Create a workflow rule with a field update that sets the status to true for the Watermark Shown field when the quote is created since newly created quotes always have a status of DRAFT out-of-the-box. Of course this same concept can be applied in process builder. 


Then create another workflow rule with a field update to set the value of the Watermark Shown field to false when the status of the quote is changed to approved. (You will have to add this setp to your approval process).



by WimvB
on ‎09-04-2017 06:34 AM

Is it possible to use a company-logo as watermark? That is: In draft i use the draft-watermark, if NOT draft ==> the company watermark

by srinipusuluri
on ‎09-04-2017 09:30 AM

it is possible by having two quote templates


1. Quote template with water mark id (it is field on template) as DRAFT image statuc resource ID

2. Another quote template with water mark as company logo id


Make sure when you generate the OF correct template is chosen(you may auto redirect this based on quote status)