Filtering Line Items to Display in Separate Sections

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You can display quote line items in a single template section that references a template content record with a Type of "Line Items". Alternatively, you could display line items in several different template sections.



You can list all your hardware products in one section while the software licenses for those hardware products are listed in a separate section. You can even have a separate introductory/descriptive text for each section.

The picture below illustrates how your generated quote document could appear with separate sections of filtered line items and introductory text for each. The intro sections are highlighted with a blue arrow, while the filtered line items sections are boxed in green.

Before you begin, determine which fields you want to use to filter these lists of product line items. In the example above, you may want to use the Product Family field on the Products object to filter hardware from shipping products. Whatever fields you intend to use in your filter, add the API name of that field as a value in the Filter Field picklist on the Template Section object.


Filtering Line Items

  1. Create separate template content records for each filtered list of line items.
  2. Create a template section record for each filtered list of line items to be displayed. For example, you could have a template section called "Hardware Line Items" and another called "Shipping Line Items", but each would have a different filter.
  3. Enter a filter for each template section. For example, the filter for the "Hardware Line Items" template section could be: 
    1. Filter Field: SBQQ__ProductFamily__c
    2. Filter Operator: equals
    3. Filter Value: Hardware
  4. Create additional template content and sections for additional filtered lists of Quote line items you want to display separately.

Tip: Remember to have a 'catch all' filter for any Quote line items that do not fit in your filtered line item lists.

Printing Totals for Filtered Sections

SteelBrick CPQ also allows you to customize which line item sections contain subtotals. For example, you might want to hide totals in your section of Shipping Line Items, yet display totals in your Hardware Line Items list.

  1. Set up the Filtered Lists of Quote line items, explained in the section above.
  2. Navigate to Quote Templates | Quote Template Name | Edit.
  3. Select Hide Totals (in the Print Options Section) to hide the grand totals at the bottom of all line item sections.
  4. Click Edit next to a line items Section on the Quote Template.
  5. Select Print Quote Totals.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for each line item Section.
  7. Choose the appropriate option in the Summary Display picklist for each quote line items section: 
    1. Always: Displays subtotals, discounts and grand totals in the quote line section at all times, regardless of the settings on your quote template.
    2. Never: Does not display totals in the quote line item sections.
    3. None: Inherits the subtotal and grand total settings on the Quote Template.

Tip: To display Quote Totals outside the line items table, select Hide Totals on the Quote Template to remove all totals from your line item tables. Then, use the {!quoteTotal} and {!quoteSubTotal} merge fields in your template content to display subtotal and grand total anywhere you line on your quote template.


by chickman_pwc
on ‎08-18-2016 10:48 AM

Why do you have to create additional template content sections in this example? Assuming the fonts/etc. are the same, I've always used 1 line item template content record for multiple sections.

by Tineke
on ‎10-25-2016 09:06 AM

Hi, can you please advise how to specify a different introduction to each line item table?

Would it be possible to do the same however have a custom footer for each line item table? (Without creating additional template sections using conditional fields on quote)

by eric_shiraishi
on ‎04-01-2017 09:45 AM

Is there a way to display the Total according to the Filtering? Do I need to create a new Rollup in the quote to achieve this?


I want to filter and show up only hardware, but grouped by family (there are the subtotals in the tables, but the Total field does not consider my filter and show Software either).


by kd
‎05-01-2017 12:55 PM - edited ‎05-01-2017 12:56 PM

Is there a way using the  Conditional field to print the Terms & Conditions only if the Delivery terms field is false - the delivery terms field is a long Text (700 characers).


I was trying to create a checkbox for Edited terms and then say when edited terms box is not blank then print terms & conditions in the section area if false then don't print the terms & conditions  My formula was:  IF (Delivery__C = "",true,false) it fails because the 700 character text is invalid reference