Guided Selling Use Case

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A guided selling process is a set of selectable values that will produce preselected products based on user input. This is useful if your product list is lengthy and your users spend excessive time trying to find a product; likewise it minimizes the amount of time it takes your sales reps to create a quote.



A client sells natural fiber fabrics of various shapes and sizes. The client's product catalog is composed of three fabrics, sold in various dimensions:


Fabric Type Widths Lengths
Wool, linen and silk 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft 20 ft, 40ft, 60 ft


Sales would like a streamlined user interface that minimizes time need to select the correct model product. A guided selling process will allow buyers to filter products by Fabric type, width and length, rather than manually select from a list of the 27 available Products.



  1. Create fields on each Fabric product to store the values for the attributes you wish to filter by - In this case, Length, Width and Fabric Type.
    1. Your Fabric Type field should be a formula type that returns text. The formula will read the product name to determine its fabric variety, so you'll need to enter the following as the formula process:
      • IF(CONTAINS( Name, "Linen"), "Linen",
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "Wool"), "Wool",
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "Silk"), "Silk",NULL)))
    2. The Width field should be a formula type that returns a number:
      • IF(CONTAINS( Name, "15W"), 15,
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "10W"), 10,
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "5W"), 5,NULL)))
    3. Finally, create the Length field as a formula type that also returns a number:
      • IF(CONTAINS( Name, "20L"), 20,
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "40L"), 40,
        IF(CONTAINS( Name, "60L"), 60,NULL)))
  2. Create a new Quote Process to establish a link between your Product and Process Input Fields.
    1. Navigate to the Quote Processes tab and select New.
    2. Use "Textile Merchant" as the Process Name and click Save.
  3. Create "twin"fields on the Process Input object. These are the fields in the guided selling window where the sales reps will input values in order to further filter their desired products. Navigate to the Process Input object and create a new field.
    1. The first field should be a picklist that represents Fabric Type. Ensure that the Field Label API name is the same as the Product Field it's referencing - in this case, Field Type - so that it can map between Process Input and the Product. Give it picklist values of:
      • Linen
      • Wool
      • Silk
    2. The Width field should be a Number field, as it will receive a number - the fabric width - input by the user.
    3. The Length field should also be a Number field.
  4. Update the Product Field and Input Field picklists on the process input object. This will allow you to link the Input Fields (which you created in Step 2) in the Guided Selling Quote Process to the new Product fields (which you created in Step 1.) Navigate to the Process Input object and select the Product Field picklist.
    1. Add new picklist values of the API names for the fields you added to the Product object in Step 1:
      • Length__c
      • Width__c
      • Fabric_Type__c
    2. Return to the Process Input object and select the Input Field picklist. Add new picklist values of the API names for the fields you added to Process Input in Step 2:
      • Length__c
      • Width__c
      • Fabric_Type__c
    1. Note that the Width and Length Process Inputs have an Operator value of "greater or equals." This is so that sales reps who enter a length or width value not on the actual product list will still be able to view products with similar parameters. 
  5. Attach the above Quote Process ID to the relevant Quote. The Quote Process ID is located in the URL of your Quote Process:url.png
  6. Copy the ID, then navigate to your desired Quote. Add the Quote Process ID field to the Quote's page layout if it is not there already. Paste the ID into the Quote Process ID field and then Save.
  7. Navigate to the Quote's Line Editor and click Add Products. You should see the following Guided Selling popup:Guided Selling.png
  8. Selecting your desired parameters will filter the available products accordingly. From here, you can return to the Guided Selling popup by selecting the compass icon on the Line Editor screen.compass.png

Note: Guided Only Checkbox

Note: The Process Input's Guided Only checkbox can be selected to force Quotes covered by the Quote Process into only being selectable via guided product selection.


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by wsupinski
on ‎02-11-2016 12:24 PM

This whole section is an incomplete example. I followed all these steps but there are lots of unclear areas such as:

Product Search Executor - this is a visualforce page... is this required for a basic guided selling setup? What value should be entered here?


"Input Field - Choose the API name for the field on the Input Field object that accepts the user entry." - There is no "Input Field Object" in steelbrick. I can only assume this refers to the Process Input object but even then when I create a text field and point this field to that field's API name nothing seems to function. Very unclear what this does.


Overall, it would be helpful in these articles to just show values that result in some kind of working example. The basic screens without data are not intuitive.


by chickman2
on ‎02-24-2016 05:02 PM

Yes...would like to see screen shots with example data/use cases.

by Community Manager
on ‎06-10-2016 02:19 PM

I have expanded the Use Case on the related video walkthrough into this article and cleaned up any ambiguous instructions as well. Let me know your thoughts and if anything requires additional clarification or explanation.

by william_devich
on ‎11-27-2017 05:00 PM

This article has incorrect information in the note at the bottom. The 'Guided Only' checkbox is available on the Quote Process, not the Process Input.