CPQ Spring '17 Release Notes

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We just launched the latest version of our Next Generation Configure Price Quote app: Salesforce CPQ Spring '17. This release includes new Order Management features like the ability to maintain one Contract for multiple Orders generated from a Quote, or the ability to activate and contract individual Order Products before contracting the parent Order.


We've also developed a Large Quote Experience that streamlines the Quote Line Editor for Quotes with a large number of line items. You can further organize your Quotes by cloning Products directly between Quote Line Groups or Solution Groups. Document generation has been improved with the ability to control document size, header & footer appearance and multi-language support for batch document generation.


Your sales reps can close deals and renew subscriptions with speed and accuracy while providing an easier management process for your admins. Interested in learning more? View our release articles below:


For a comprehensive list of new or modified fields & settings that require admin setup, please view Salesforce CPQ Spring 17 Release Feature Setup


Note: Service Cloud customers will need Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ 4.0 or higher to use Salesforce CPQ Spring 17.



Selection & Configuration 

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Product Keyword Search Search Products using the Product Keyword Search box on the Product Selection page. The search requires at least two characters and will perform a search against any managed or custom field on the Product (Product2) object.
Lookup Queries on Product Rules Use lookup tables on your Product Rules to quickly query data and then perform actions in the quote line editor or configurator.  



Pricing & Quote Line Editor

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Theme Options in 28.0

Customize your Quote Line Editor with the new theming options available in Salesforce CPQ 28.0.

Large Quote Experience Large Quote Experience organizes the Quote Line Editor display for Quotes with a large number of list items.   

Ignore Leap Year Days


Added "Ignore Leap Year days" setting to Subscription Prorate Precision

The package-level setting Ignore Leap Year Days now appears when Subscription Prorate Precision is set to Day.

Desegment MDQ Products on Quote Renewal

Segmented MDQ Subscriptions or Contract Line Items can now be configured to renew as an individual de-segmented standard Quote Line. This process is controlled by the new Contract-level MDQ Renewal Behavior field.
Clone to Groups

Users can now clone Products between Quote Line Groups or Solution Groups:

  • Select one or more Products throughout any number of Groups
  • Select the Clone action on any of your selected Products
  • Select any number of Groups on the Clone to Group(s) screen Your selected Products will be cloned into each of these Groups

Amend Assets from Opportunity


Added "Amend Assets" section to Amend Contracts and Assets from Opportunity

You can now amend Assets directly from the Opportunity record with the Amend Assets button.
Quote Line Editor Drawers Organize excess line editor fields in collapsible drawers displayed under each quote line.  
Large Quote Performance Settings Use the Large Quote Threshold to improve Quote Line Editor performance for exceptionally large Quotes.   



Contract & Order Management

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Contracting for Advanced Order Management Admins can configure Salesforce CPQ to maintain one Contract for multiple Orders.
Line-Level Order Activation and Contracting


Admins can activate individual Order Products before contracting the parent Order. Activation is controlled by the new Activated field on the Order Product Object.


The Order field Order Status will display "Draft" if that Order contains a mix of activated and drafted Order Products. The Order Status will update to "Activated" once all Order Products are activated.

Link Between Order Products and Amended/Renewed Order Products

Added a lookup from amended/renewed Order Products to their respective original Order Products. You can use these lookups to generate a single Invoice per Product.

Do Not Contract

Added Do Not Contract section to Contracting for Advanced Order Management.

The Order Product-level Contracting Method field now has the "Do Not Contract" option. When selected, the Order Product will not be added to a Contract when its parent Order is contracted.

Order Splitting


Added Order Splitting section to Order Management Overview

Use the Quote fields Order By and Order By Quote Line Group to generate Orders by field values or Quote Line Groups respectively.



Other CPQ Features

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Inherited Quote Fields

As of Spring 17, ordering from a Quote will automatically populate any new Order and Contract records with the values of shared Quote fields:

  • Renewal Uplift Percent: Enter a rate for renewal price increases. For MDQ products, the uplift will apply to the first segment or all segments on the renewal contract. If there is more than one segment, the price would increase over the quote's term.
  • Renewal Term Number: Specify the term of the renewal. By default, it must match the original contract term.
Remove Template Header and Footer You can remove headers & footers from the first, last, or first & last pages of your Quote Template. This is useful if you want a document to start with a title page that does not include a header or footer.   
Document Output Size Set your document’s page size with the Output Size menu on the Generate Document Screen.  For example, if your sales rep needs to generate a document in Japanese, they would want to select an output size in A4.     

Multi-Language Support for Batch Document Generation


Added "Multi-Language Support for Batch Document Generation" header to Batch Document Generation for Renewal Quotes

The new Quote-level Quote Language field allows admins to select a language. When Salesforce CPQ runs the batch document generation process, each Quote document will generate in the language selected by this field.
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Order Splitting


Added Order Splitting section to Order Management Overview

Use the Order fields Order By and Order By Quote Line Group to generate Orders by field values or Quote Line Groups respectively.


Order By and Order By Quote Line group fields are on the quote and not the order (this makes sense but is not clear in the documentation)

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@MridulaC Thanks for the note - I've updated the documentation accordingly.

by aturner
on ‎04-27-2017 12:33 PM

@lvoelz2 - It is unclear from the page, but it seems there may have been changes/updates that might impact quote line grouping for quote document rendering?  We are seeing that the "group by" field on the quote template is not functioning and we get a render error every time.


I have opened a case, but they just provided a link to this document and I cannot see exactly where a change may have been made. Case 00021696.


I have confirmed with others using older versions of the package with the exact same configuration we have and there are not issues.


CC @soniaflamm



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This has the same version number as Spring 17.  Which one is the most current?