Salesforce CPQ Winter '18 Release Notes

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Salesforce CPQ Winter '18 is now GA! This release includes configuration attributes that you can assign to multiple product options and the ability work with dynamic bundles in an external configurator. We've also updated our order and order product data models to have more relationships with subscriptions, assets, and contract line items. 


Your sales reps can close deals and renew subscriptions with speed and accuracy while providing an easier management process for your admins. Interested in learning more? View our release articles below:



Selection & Configuration 

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Global Attributes & Product Option Drawers

Create a set of configuration attributes that you can assign to any number of product options. You can display a configuration attribute set in a drawer below each product option in the configurator. This feature reduces the time spent creating product options if your options share some of the same attributes.

View article Setup section
External Configurators with Dynamic Options Configure dynamic bundles in your external configurator. None



Contract & Order Management

Feature Summary Admin Setup
Root ID Field on Subscriptions

Salesforce CPQ uses the Root ID field to identify related subscription products in a bundle when you renew or amend subscriptions across multiple contracts.

Automatically Include Percent of Total Products in Orders

When you order one or more of a Percent of Total Product's subscribed assets, Salesforce CPQ includes that Percent of Total Product as an order line on the new Order record.


You can distribute the subscribed assets of a single Percent of Total Product across multiple orders. In this case, each Order contains a single order line for that Percent of Total Product. Salesforce CPQ prices this order line according to that product's Percent of Total configuration and any of its subscribed assets on that Order.


This process replaces earlier functionality where users could select a Percent of Total Product for ordering independent from any of its subscribed assets on the Select Products page. When you order a Quote, Percent of Total Products no longer appear on the Select Products page.

Order and Order Product Data Model Changes

Order Product records now contain a lookup to the Subscription, Asset, or Contract Line Item used to create the Order Product.

Order Product records now contain a Terminated Date field. When you cancel a subscription, Salesforce CPQ updates the Terminated Date on the following records related to that subscription:

  • The canceled Order Product
  • The original Order Product
  • All other amendments to the original Order Product

This feature is useful for identify canceled services at the Order Product level so you can avoid sending invoices for canceled subscription products.


Order Product and Order records now contain a lookup to their associated Contract or Service Contract. Salesforce CPQ updates an Order's Contract or Service Contract lookup when all its Order Products have been contracted to the same Contract or Service Contract record.




by robthomason772
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What is the permission needed to allow users to use the new "Clone with Related" button -? 


We have not seen this error before using regular clone button, that permission is enabled-