CPQ Spring '16 Major Release

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SteelBrick CPQ Summer '16 is now available!


CPQ Spring '16 Major Release

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SteelBrick is proud to announce the the latest version Next Generation Configure Price Quote app: SteelBrick CPQ Spring '16. This new release enables salespeople to close deals faster from any place, any time, on any device. It also includes a streamlined user interface and many new customer-requested features to make life easier for both your sales reps and your customers.


CPQ Winter '16 Minor Release V24.2.x

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We just released an update of our Next Generation Configure Price Quote app: SteelBrick CPQ Winter '16 Minor Release V24.2.x. This minor release enhances Winter '16 with several new features, many requested by our customers.


Key features are:


Account ID on Quote Line Group This feature allows you to create a filtered lookup that will only allow your sales reps to select from a list of child accounts associated with the parent account you have on the quote.
Allow Non-Consecutive Segments in MDQ This feature allows non-consecutive custom segments for custom price dimensions, overriding the existing option to require the start date of each segment be the day after the previous segment's end date.
Auto-Generated Contracted Prices (also see Product Managed Fields) This feature allows you to auto-generate a Contracted Price when an Opportunity is contracted.  You can define whether a contracted price should be auto-generated on the Product as well as the Quote Line, with the quote line taking precedent.  
Block Prices by Price Book This feature allows you to create block prices that are specific to a Price Book. Populating the Price Book Lookup Field on the Block Price object facilitates a relationship which constrains Block Price Tiers to a specific Price Book or which ever has been selected on the Quote.
Custom Script no Longer Required We have made updates to the Advanced Quote Calculator and Custom Scripts are no longer required to store fields referenced in Price Rule Conditions and Actions. Custom Scripts are now specificially used for customizations such as a Quote Calculator Plugin
Display Price Breaks on Output Choose how to display discount schedules on the quote document. Per Quote Line will show the discount schedule and Tiers right-aligned under each Quote Line.
Error Condition ID Field + Post-Install Script
Advanced Conditions on Rules & Quote Terms are now based on the Condition's Index field value instead of the Condition ID#. If you previously were making use of Advanced Conditions, please go to SteelBrick Settings | Additional Settings | Execute Custom Scripts. Executing the Custom Script will populate all the Condition's Index field with the same value as the Condition ID. 
Localization of Template Content This feature alows you to translate Template Content so that you don't have to create and manage multiple versions of the same content.
Option to Default MDQ Products to Standard Table This feature creates a new field on the Product called Default Pricing Table where can choose if you want your MDQ products to default to either the Segmented or Standard tables.  
User-Defined Discount Schedules This feature allows you to adjust discount schedules for future add-ons or expansions. Users can view the Discount Schedule applied on the Line Editor Page and can also edit the Discount Schedule Name, Discount Unit, and Tiers associated to the discount schedule.  

Tip: Log an upgrade case with Customer Support to begin using Winter '16 Minor 1.

We have published a patch for Advanced Approvals 2016 Release 1 with version 2.24.1.  Here is a list of what we have fixed since package 2.24.


  • When using Advanced Approvals on an object other than Opportunity, if SubmittedDate__c is not on the object the approval will no longer result in an error. 

Potential Winter '16 Auto-Upgrade 1/31/16 - Please Review

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Late on Saturday night (1/30/16) as we were upgrading a small group of CPQ customers who had requested a patch to Winter ‘16, we accidentally upgraded a wider group of customers to our latest version of Winter '16 in both production and non-production environments.
While you may see no change in behavior especially if you were already on Winter '16, it's still possible you may encounter new UI elements or even an error.  Please check your SteelBrick deployment as soon as possible.
The most common error a customer may encounter will be a lack of user permissions which are required in the latest Winter ’16 release.  This is because our latest release contains a new Permission Set called "SteelBrick CPQ User" which we introduced to better organize the permissions a user needs to create quotes.  We ask that you please read the articles below as they will help you apply the SteelBrick CPQ Permission Set to all users with a SteelBrick CPQ license.  We have also developed a script that will apply this automatically for our customers who encounter this issue.
Some customers may also encounter errors due to a change we made in Summer ’15 when we added a new field to the Quote object that alters the link between Quote and Opportunity. Please see the article below for more information.  
The SteelBrick services and support team is on standby and ready to help.  If the above doesn't solve an issue you encounter, please submit a critical support case and provide as much detail as possible. 
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please know we are 100% dedicated to helping quickly resolve any issues this event may have caused.
Other Possible Issues and Resolutions
1) I am seeing a Duplicate Field Error.  What should I do?
2) Users are reporting an "Unexpected Token: FROM" error when trying to create a new quote.  
We cannot grant access to Quote or any child object of the Quote in our permission sets.  We CAN grant field permissions on Quote Line Group (and Quote and Quote Line and Quote Document) but we cannot grant access to the objects themselves.  That has to be done manually.  You may also have to manually give individual user rights to the following fields: 
Object Field Cred
Price Rule Advanced Condition R
Price Rule Lookup Object R
Price Rule Evaluation Event R
Price Condition Filter Formula R
Price Condition Tested Formula R
Lookup Query Match Type R
Lookup Query Tested Object R
Lookup Query Tested Field R
Lookup Query Tested Value R
Lookup Query Operator R
Lookup Query Lookup Field R
Price Action Target Object R
Price Action Source Lookup R
Price Action Formula R
3) Users cannot Preview or Generate Documents. 
In some cases, the Conditional Print Fields are defaulting to Quote Line Group.   You will need to verify that the Conditional Print Field on all Template Sections are set with the appropriate value or "None".  


4) Can I disable Grouping, Favorites, Cloning, etc? 
Not at this time.  We're keeping track of these feature requests and will keep you up-to-date on proposed resolutions. 
5) Users are having trouble adding products. 
There are two options for resolving this:  
Use to make sure all profiles can quote: 
1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Products | Fields
2. Click on Product Code.  
3. Click the Set Field Level Security button. 
4. Select Visible for all profiles that need to use quoting. 
Edit if you don't need Product Code in Search Filters: 
1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Products | Fields Sets
2. Click Edit next to the Search Filters field set.
3. Click the Set Field Level Security button. 
4. Remove Product Code from the field set.   

Advanced Approvals 2016 Release 1

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We just launched the latest version of our Advanced Approvals package.  This new release enhances approval rules by allowing administrators to have more control over when approval rules fire.  We've also addressed some inconsistencies around how different email clients handle approval email and have included some Deal Desk options that will help you customize your user experience.  


Interested in learning more?  Please view our Release Articles below: 

Re-Assign Approvers This features provides an easy way for users to re-assign approvals to someone else for any reason.  Doing so will generate an approval request email notification and send it to the new approver.  
Effective Dates for Approval Rules This feature allows admins to further customize their approval rules, when they fire, and for which statuses.  
Package-Level Configuration Settings This article will cover all package-level settings, including letting you set how comments should be recognized in approval emails.  


CPQ Winter '16 Release

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We just launched the latest version of our Next Generation Configure Price Quote app: SteelBrick CPQ Winter '16. This new release enables salespeople to close deals faster from any place, any time, on any device. And it includes a new, streamlined user interface and many new features, requested by our customers, to make life easier for both your sales reps and your customers.


In addition to our Lightning Ready UI which delivers a consumer-like experience on both desktop and mobile devices, the Winter '16 release of SteelBrick CPQ focused heavily on making performance and user experience improvements.  This will help your reps close deals and renew subscriptions with speed and accuracy and make it even easier for you admins to manage.  Interested in learning more?  Please view our Winter '16 Webinars and Release Articles below:


SteelBrick CPQ Winter '16 Customer Webinar




SteelBrick Billing Winter '16 Customer Webinar




Many of the new features deliver additional flexibility that enhances the sales process and increases productivity, including:


Advanced Conditional Logic for Rules and Terms This feature enhances the flexibility of product rules, price rules and quote terms by allowing admins to use logical ANDs and ORs when applying conditions. This means that a rule with three conditions can be applied as (1AND 2) OR 3.
Block Prices + Discount Schedules This enables a volume discount to be applied on top of the product’s block price for a particular quantity. For example, a block of 1-500 products has a block price of $50,000, 501-1000 has a block price of $70,000. The 1001-1500 product quantity group must pay the 1000 block price + a discounted unit price for any additional user beyond 1000.
Cost Based Discount Schedules This feature allows admins to create a discount schedule that targets the product Cost instead of the LIst Price.
Custom URL for Custom Actions This feature allows customers to create a button that links to an outside URL, visualforce page, or 3rd party web application from the Line Editor or Configuration.
De-Segment/Re-Segment Line with Line Action This feature allows sales reps to de-segment an MDQ product from an action (magic wand icon) in the line editor. Products within the standard products table can be re-segmented using this icon as well.
Document Management Plugin This feature allows SteelBrick to integrate to 3rd party document management systems like SpringCM and Box.
Dynamic Bundles This feature allows sales reps to build a bundle with a mixture of pre-defined and standalone products. They can do this by adding options to a particular feature through an Option Lookup page. This page resembles product search, but administrators can filter the Products that will appear on the page.
Dynamically Build Product Descriptions This feature allows product descriptions to be created dynamically and display which components were chosen for that bundle.
Enable Grouping from Line Editor This feature enhances the user experience for sales reps when they need to group a quote. Currently, enabling grouping is done on the quote object, which means users have to Save their progress within the Line Editor and return to the quote in order to enable groups. Now, users can simply click on a toggle from within the Line Editor and groups will be dynamically enabled and disabled.
Favorites This feature allows sales reps to save configured bundles, products, or quote line groups for re-use on future quotes. Favorites are accessible from the Product Lookup where they can also be shared with other users and/or groups.
Group Level Goal Seek This feature replicates our Target Customer Amount functionality at the group level. This means that sales reps can now enter a customer's budget amount for a particular group and have it evenly distribute the discount across quote lines within the group.
Advanced Quote Calculator This feature aims to improve performance and provide a more flexible and scalable calculator for current and future functionality.  
Input Fields in Configuration This feature to create a custom input (read/write) field on the Product Option when inputs other than quantity an be stored. This information can also be moved to the quote line for additional use.
Integration to 3rd Party Web Apps This feature will allow you to punch-out to a 3rd party web application and map data back to SteelBrick. For example, users to select a region within a GIS tool and return a set of parameters back to SteelBrick that will populate Configuration Attributes and/or Fields.
Insert Static PDF's into Quote Documents

This feature will gives administrators some control over the look and feel of their document output, but allowing for static PDF documents to be included within different sections of the document.  

Lookup Tables This feature enhances price rule functionality by allowing you to lookup and return values that are stored in a table, allow you to design more complex scenarios.
Include Bundled Quantities in Discount Schedules  This feature enhances discount schedules by allowing you to include "bundled" quantities in the aggregate scope.  For example, you have 20 of XYZ as a standalone product and 20 as a component, with this option selected, you can apply the appropriate volume discount tier as if it were a quantity of 40.  
Multi-Language Support This feature allows administrators to provide and store translations for data that cannot be handled through standard Salesforce functionality. This means we can now store translations for all data stored within text and rich text managed and custom fields within the SteelBrick application.
Pagination in Search Results This feature allows sales reps to see more than the first 100 products returned with a product search.
Price Rule Optimization We've re-factored the code in order to improve performance and made a few changes to improve usability.  
Soft Validations/Warning Messages This feature enhances product rules with a new type that allows administrators to create a soft validation or warning message that will display to users in Configuration or the Line Editor. Currently, product validation rules force sales reps to resolve the condition causing the error in order to continue. When using the Alert rule type, sales reps can be warned, but may still continue through the process.
Theming Engine

This feature will gives administrators some control over the look and feel of their SteelBrick instance. You'll be able to change styling of headers, buttons, feature labels, etc. to provide a more customized and branded experience for sales reps.

Tip: Log an upgrade case with Customer Support to begin using Winter '16.  

CPQ Spring '15 Patch Release Notes

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We have pushed the latest patch for Spring 15 with verion 22.0.30.  Here is a list of what we have fixed since we pushed package 22.0.20.  


  • Refresh Prices doesn't pull changes to Subscription Percent (or any other data from Product object that could affect pricing).
  • Salesforce1: Scrolling on line editor and other VF pages causes page to blank out on iOS9


Summer 15 23.0.21 Patch Release Notes

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We have just pushed the latest patch of Summer '15, with version 23.0.21.  Here is a list of issues we have resolved since we released Summer '15 (version 23.0): 


Contracts, Subscriptions and Renewals

  • Additional asset quantities added on a contract-based amendment or renewal do not carry to Subscribed Assets list for subscription generated in next contract cycle
  • Subscribed Assets do not carry over to subscription record of second renewal cycle.
  • Synchronous Contract generation combined with immediate Renewal Forecast causes Too Many SOQL Queries.
  • Update the current error message for asset based renew model when an asset is covered by multiple subscription or a subscription is a bundle parent.
  • If account Renewal Pricing Method = List, renewing amended contract adjusts Customer Price of amended subscription to match List Price.
  • Rolling up more than 200 asset records on amendment/renewal causes exception: "Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop".
  • If both subscription and new assets are added on Contract Based asset amendment, subscription record doesn't reference original asset(s) as Subscribed Assets.
  • Synchronous Contract Generation with Asset-based Renewal Model doesn't delete Contract and Subscriptions.
  • Assets or Subscriptions missing Product2 lookup causes null pointer exception.



    • On amendment, net-new MDQ product with the same SKU as existing product has a read-only quantity until recalculation.
    • On amendments/renewals, newly added subscriptions/revised-subscription records only have Subscribed Asset references to net-new assets or revised assets on the same amendment/renewal.
    • Removing Bundle Component on Amendment does not generate negative quantity Revised Subscription.
    • Contract amendment throws exception if MDQ product contains one-time segments.
    • Amendments do not take the delta price if the product is using a block price.
    • Can't add net-new block priced product to amendment.
    • When renewing amended contract w/ Renewal Pricing Method = Same, adjustment of Customer Price of Slab discounted product to last amendment Renewal Price results in incorrect price.
    • Asset amendments covered by subscriptions should populate Subscribed Product lookup.
    • On asset amendment, bundle component quantities are re-multiplied by parent quantity.
    • Bundle parent quantity change not remembered on second asset amendment.
    • Amend Contract confirmation screen shows incorrect quantities for MDQ subscriptions that have previously been amended.
    • Quote-level discount fields on amendments quotes should be read-only.
    • Amendments use Renewal Product lookup from product SKU.
    • If a subscription is added to a second asset amendment, Contract Based subscription record only lists the original assets and new revisions as Subscribed Assets.
    • Amend Assets Button URL is missing the SBQQ prefix.
    • Amending one-per-unit asset on contract amendment causes it to roll up incorrectly on renewal.
    • On amendments, block priced products are priced as new orders.
    • Asset on Slab discount schedule generates Revised Asset records with quantity 1.
    • On amendments, segment uplift for block-priced MDQ product is no longer compounded if quantity is decreased.
    • Amend a opportunity that has a quote line that is configurable but without any its child will receive null error..


Line Editor and Pricing

  • Cloning empty group causes null pointer exception.
  • Goal Seek remainder adjustment causes MDQ segments to not be discounted equally if one of the MDQ segments has quantity 1.
  • Block prices and discount tiers cannot be imported.
  • Upsell orders of cross-order slab-discounted products show regular/customer/partner/net totals of 0 if upsell quantity equals prior quantity.
  • List Total formula shows non-zero value on block price amendment lines even when quantity is not changed.
  • WFR change to quote start/end date doesn't update proration.
  • Refresh Prices doesn't work on single-currency orgs.
  • Cross-orders discounting doesn't work if schedule Quote Line Quantity Field is blank.
  • Drag and drop of bundle containing MDQ can freeze line editor.
  • Date fields on quote line not always allotted enough width to see the entire date.
  • If cross-orders slab discount order has quantity equal to lower bound of a tier, the first unit of upsell/cross-sell subtracts full list unit price from regular price.
  • When ApplyAdditionalDiscountLast =1 , line editor shows blank Subtotal and Quote Total until recalculate.
  • Line editor Subtotal/Quote Total doesn't pick up onAfterCalculate changes from custom Quote Calculator Plugin.
  • Managed Quote Line formula fields SBQQ__TotalDiscountRate__c and SBQQ__TotalDiscountAmount__c function incorrectly when a slab discount schedule is used.
  • MDQ products fail to add when start/end date are less than 1 month apart, in the same calendar month, and end date isn't the last day of month.
  • Default quote-level field values are not pulled into QCP during Renewal Quote generation.
  • Incorrect price is synced to Opportunity Products when ApplyAdditionalDiscountLast is used.
  • Line Editor will hang when Quick Save returns a validation message.
  • MDQ woud not round correctly when term is less than one month.  



  • Dependent picklists in configuration attributes broken if controlling picklist value = null.
  • If bundle has selected options w/ Quote Line Visibility = Never, adding additional options after saving quote always inserts them at bottom of line editor.
  • Product Options with MDQ products as Optional SKU and Type: Component has editable quantity and are not dependent on parent after de-segmenting.
  • Configurator doesn't show empty features that have configuration attributes.
  • Additional Quantity field on Quote Line object does not respect Quantity Editable checkbox.


Quote Templates

  • PrimaryContact -> Other Address can't be referenced in Template Content.
  • Increase size of Available and Included Content boxes.
  • Cannot Preview/Generate Document on quotes where grouping is used when Customer Discount Field is defined.
  • Preview Document iFrame is tiny in Lightning Experience UI.
  • Fix Group Label magic trick for summary labels and Group By set on the Section level
  • Null pointer exception when using Dimensions as Rows w/ Summary table style with Conditional Print Field
  • Option Constraints are now evaluated even when disabled


Salesforce1 and/or Mobile

  • Salesforce1: Rich text field edit icon doesn't work.  
  • Salesforce1: Component line items have help icon on line actions column.
  • Salesforce 1: Add documents should be available for mobile via generate documents.
  • Salesforce1: Nested bundles w/ Config Type = Required don't show any visualization of being required.
  • Salesforce1: MDQ tabs on line editor have expand/collapse caret that doesn't belong



  • Permission Sets are missing Apex Class and VisualForce Page access entries
  • Guided selling process input broken if picklist is dependent on a field not referenced by another process input.
  • Incorrect date format logic for calendar picker/date fields in some locales.
  • Community Users cannot save quotes on an opportunity with already existing quotes.
  • Attempt to de-reference a null object error when discount schedule has cross product & cross Orders checked.
  • Unabble to delete quote if it has related Process Input Values.  
  • Product "Clone with Related" button opens inside frame duplicating header and sidebar.

23.10 Minor Release

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This blog highlights the features of the SteelBrick CPQ 23.10 Minor Release. 


Advanced Approvals 2.12

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This product release focuses mostly on the Preview Approvals Page and other usability enhancements. 


The SteelBrick Summer '15 Release Webinar is a great way to take a moment and familiarize yourself with SteelBrick CPQ's newest features. 


CPQ Summer '15 Major Release

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This blog highlights the features of the SteelBrick CPQ Summer '15 Release.