Change Auto-Populate Behavior in New Quotes

by Community Manager on ‎08-12-2015 03:51 PM - edited on ‎06-08-2017 05:26 PM by Community Manager


Quote Fields that are synced to fields on other records can now be set up to auto-populate when a sales rep begins creating a new Quote. Previously, sales reps would spend time re-entering Quote fields because they couldn’t see which fields already contained Opportunity or Account information until they saved the Quote record for the first time.



Add Fields that will be auto-populated: 

  1. Navigate to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings | Field Metadata.
  2. Select Manage.metada_edit.png
  3. Select New on the Field Metadata page.
  4. Enter the NameField Name and Object Name of the Field you wish to auto-populate. In this example, we're using the Bill to Name field from the Quote object.field_metadata.png
  5. Select Save.
  6. Repeat for as many Fields as you want to be auto-populated.



When billing fields are set to auto-populate, bill-to information is pulled from the billing account. This account can be either the distributor, partner or direct account based on varying circumstances:

  • By default, bill-to information is pulled from the quote distributor account.
  • If the contract does not have a quote distributor, billing information is pulled from the partner account.
  • If the contract does not have a partner account, billing information is pulled from the direct account.



When shipping fields are set to auto-populate, they will pull information from the customer account. If ship-to information within the customer account is empty, the auto-populating fields will instead pull from bill-to information based on the billing source established above.



Admins will need to create special fields on related Opportunities in order for the Primary Contact and Partner fields to auto-populate on the Quote.

  • Primary ContactQuotePrimaryContact__c
  • PartnerQuotePrimaryPartner__c



You can configure the following fields to auto-populate:

Field Name API Name
Account SBQQ__Account__c
Billing City SBQQ__BillingCity__c
Billing Country SBQQ__BillingCountry__c
Billing Name SBQQ__BillingName__c
Billing Postal Code SBQQ__BillingPostalCode__c
Billing State SBQQ__BillingState__c
Billing Street SBQQ__BillingStreet__c
Distributor SBQQ__Distributor__c
Partner SBQQ__Partner__c
Primary Contact * SBQQ__PrimaryContact__c
Sales Rep SBQQ__SalesRep__c
Shipping City SBQQ__ShippingCity__c
Shipping Country SBQQ__ShippingCountry__c
Shipping Name SBQQ__ShippingName__c
Shipping Postal Code SBQQ__ShippingPostalCode__c
Shipping State SBQQ__ShippingState__c
Shipping Street SBQQ__ShippingStreet__c


* Primary Contact can only be auto-filled by another type of Contact. This is because the Primary Contact exists on the Quote and fields cannot auto-populate themselves.