Q/A: Auto-Mapping: Twin Fields

by Community Manager on ‎10-08-2015 11:00 AM - edited on ‎08-18-2017 11:35 AM by Community Manager


Salesforce CPQ will automatically populate field values between certain objects when their API names match.


Fields and data that will auto-map when API names match:  

  • Contract- -> Opportunity
  • Contract --> Renewal Opportunity
  • Service Contract --> Opportunity
  • Service Contract --> Renewal Opportunity
  • Opportunity Products --> Quote Line (only applies to standalone products and only when Opportunity Products exist before the first primary quote is created)
  • Product --> Quote Line
  • Product Option (Configuration Attribute) <--> Quote Line
  • Product Option  (Editable Custom Fields) <--> Quote Line
  • Quote --> Order
  • Quote Line --> Order Product
  • Quote Line --> Favorite Product --> Newly-added Favorite Quote Line
  • Quote Line --> Opportunity Product
  • Quote Line --> Subscription
  • Quote Line --> Assets
  • Quote Line --> Contract Line Item
  • Subscriptions --> Renewal Opportunity Products/Quote Line and Amended Opportunity Products
  • Contract Line Item --> Renewal Opportunity Products/Quote Line and Amended Opportunity Products

Checking the Configuration Attribute checkbox field on an attribute record will map that attribute value to quote lines that are product options of the related bundle.


Managed Package Fields (ex: SBQQ__NetPrice__c) cannot be twinned with the auto-mapping feature. However, one can create a formula field to return currency with the formula of "SBQQ__NetPrice__c" and subsequently create a currency field on the opportunity product with the same name and API. This will auto-map because the formula data return type is identical to the field data type of the destination field. 


Note: Custom fields with the same names and types are mapped. A pair of lookup fields both must reference the same object to be mapped.