Quote Line Editor Overview

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This article will give you an overview of the different ways sales reps will interact with the Quote Line Editor to edit and configure the quote lines that will appear in your quote. 


In-Line Editing of Description

Users can double-click the rich text Description fields in the Line Editor to edit the Product Description.  When the user hovers over the Description field with their mouse, a pencil icon appears to indicate that the field can be edited.

Tip: Product Description can be locked by the administrator by selecting "Lock Description" on the Product.  


Line Editor Buttons

The sales rep has many ways to interact with the Line Editor: LineEditorButtons.png

Save Click to Save your quote lines and return to the Quote object. 
Quick Save Click to Save your quote lines to the Quote object without leaving the page. 
Cancel Click to return to the Quote object without saving your changes. 
Reset Discounts Click to reset all discretionary discounts.
Add Products

This menu can contain standard buttons or custom actions that the administrator has created.  Standard buttons include:

  • Add Products: Click to navigate to the Product Lookup and select products to add to the quote. 
  • Add Favorites: Click to navigate to the Favorites page in Product Lookup where you can add previously saved or shared Favorites to the quote. 
  • Upgrade Assets: Click to upgrade existing assets. 
  • Renew Subscriptions: Click to renew existing subscriptions. 
Calculate Click to execute all calculations, including all price and product rules that target quote lines. 
Delete Lines Click to delete multiple lines from the Line Editor at once.  This will only appear if the administrator has selecte Multi-Line Delete from Configuration Settings
Groups See Line Item Groups for more information.


Column Header Sorting in Quote Line Editor

Users may sort columns in the Quote Line Editor by clicking the arrow to the right of the column header. Columns with alphabetical values may be sorted by alphabetical or reverse-alphabetical order, while columns with numerical values may be sorted by ascending or descending order.


  • The first click will sort by the column by alphabetical/descending order. The second click will sort by reverse alphabetical/ascending order. The third click will return the column values to their original position.
  • The Quote Line Editor will save the order of any sorted columns after the user sorts and then clicks Save.
  • Sorting will respect Keep Bundle Together if the user has enabled that feature, sorting at the parent level.
  • Segmented Products are sorted independently from Standard Products.
  • Sorting will apply to bundle children as well. The parent line will be sorted relative to other lines in the column, then all children within that bundle will be sorted relative to each other.children sort.png


Summarized Fields in the Line Editor

Admins can designate line fields to be summarized so that sales users can better analyze their Quote. This is useful for displaying sub-totals for specific quote line fields in the line editor, or for seeing the list total alongside the net total or total discount amount.

  1. Navigate to Setup | Objects | Quote Line | Summary Fields Field Set.
  2. Drag and drop any Total fields that you would like to summarize.
  3. Click Save.
    • summary fields.png


Tip: In order for the lookup to work in Line Editor, there has to be a metadata field referencing the custom lookup field.

Note: SteelBrick automatically copies values between identical Quote Line <> Opportunity Product fields, Product <> Quote Line fields, Contract <> Renewal Opportunity fields, and Product Option (if used as Config Attributes) <> Quote Line fields.