An Overview of Product Pricing

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SteelBrick CPQ contains flexible product pricing functionality that you can easily configure for your unique pricing scenarios. You may price products based on a simple list price that calculates a total price based on quantity minus any discounts applied. Alternatively, you may have products that are priced based on a cost amount plus markup. Finally, your pricing methods may be completely customized so that users can enter a value without automatic calculations.



Extended Price for: 

  • Standard Items: = Unit x Quantity.
  • Subscription Items:= Unit x Quantity x Prorated Term.
List Price   $100.00
- System Discounts Discount Schedules 10%
Regular Price Special Price or Contracted Price go into Regular Price $90.00
- Additional; Discount Manually entered by sales rep 20%
Customer Price   $72.00
- Partner Discount   10%
Partner Price   $64.80
- Distributor Discount   10%
Net Price Goes into Pipeline/Forecast Amount $58.32




List pricing in SteelBrick CPQ is handled like Salesforce product pricing on Opportunities. Each opportunity line item has a List Price that originated in the Price Book, a sale price (if the user overrode the list price), and a total price (which is automatically calculated as [sales price * quantity - discounts]). For SteelBrick CPQ to follow this same pricing method, select List from the Pricing Method field on each product you sell.Pricing Method.png