Configuration Attributes

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A Configuration Attribute is a field located above or below the Product Option list in the Configurator. This picklist allows you to set the value of a field shared by one or more Product Options on a selected Bundle - For example, you could adjust the Location or Discount % of all Product Options in a Bundle from within the Configurator.



Users should be familiar with the following Salesforce CPQ features:



This feature allows reduces time spent in the Configurator by allowing the values of multiple Product Options to be adjusted all at once, rather than individually.



Select an attribute record's Configuration Attribute checkbox field to map that attribute value to quote lines that are product options of the related bundle.


Admins should be familiar with creating custom fields and modifying picklist values.





Set Quote Line Quantity Using a Configuration Attribute

Admins can use Configuration Attributes to let users set laptop memory quantity based on the total memory required. For example, if a Quote contains C-MEM-16GB on a quote line, a Configuration Attribute can automatically adjust its quantity to 16 for 256GB total memory. 

  1. Create a Price Rule.
  2. Create a formula on the Quote Line that calculates the quantity for C-MEM-16GB based on the value of the Attribute on the Price Rule.
  3. Create a price that injects the calculated value into the Quote Line where the Product Code equals  {RAM SKU Code}


Note: Legacy functionality is supported; you can still use comma separated lists of API names on a field in the Product object.

Tip: The nested bundle will inherit the configuration attributes from the parent. For example, If you have created a selection rule for an Option based on a configuration attribute on a parent bundle, it will only show the option as being pre-selected when you Save the configuration. It is not immediately applied.

Tip: Use configuration attributes in product rules to drive the configuration process.



Configuration Attribute Layouts