Package Product Description

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The Package Product Description field, located on Bundle Products, will dynamically create a list of components chosen during Product configuration. Sales reps may then display this description on Quote Documents.PkgProdDesc_QuoteLine.png



  • Package Product Description: This Quote Line field will display a list of bundle components based on the values selected in the Configured Description Pattern, Component Description and Component Description Position fields.
  • Component Description: Description for the component this Product Option represents. This field is used in conjunction with the configured description pattern field on the Product object.
  • Component Description Position: This field controls where the component description is located when Package Product Description generates the component list.
  • Configured Description Pattern: Users can enter static text in this field to appear with the Component Descriptions. 


  • Provide more details on Bundle Product configuration outside the Configurator. 


Admins may need to modify the following page layouts:

  • Add the Configured Description Pattern field to the Product page layout
  • Add the Component Description field and the Component Description Position field to the Product Option page layout
  • Add the Package Product Description field to the Quote Line page layout


  1. Select your desired Parent Bundle and then select New Product Option.
  2. Enter text in the Component Description field.  
  3. Enter a numeric value in the Component Description Position field and then click Save. This represents where the Component Description will be placed in the overall Package Product Description.  
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all options that should be included in the package product description.  PkgProdDesc_Option.png
  5. Navigate back to the parent product selected in step 1.  
  6. Save static text in the Configured Description Pattern field.  
  7. Use Position Tags in the format of {1} {2} {3}. These bracketed numbers represent where the text from the Product Option's Component Description field will appear in the Package Product Description.  For example:  If you enter a value of 2 in the Component Description Position field, the text in its associated Component Description field will appear in the package product description where you have the tag: {2}.PkgProdDesc_Product.png


Tip: Make sure you properly map out how you want to structure the Product Package Description so that the proper descriptions appear in the correct place. 

The Package Product Description is specific to pre-defined product bundles and cannot be used with Product Options created through a Dynamic Bundle Feature.