Large Quote Experience

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Large Quote Experience organizes the Quote Line Editor Display for Quotes with a large number of list items.


Large Quote Experience is available in Salesforce CPQ 28.0 and newer and requires an authorized calculator. Service Cloud users will also need the Salesforce CPQ Service Cloud Integration package V4.0 or higher.



Check Enable Large Quote Experience in Line Editor package settings to begin. When enabled, Salesforce CPQ will change your Quote Line Editor display so large quotes are easier to navigate. In the examples below, we're using a Quote with 421 lines between 5 groups.


If you want to improve Quote Line Editor performance for large quotes, check out our Large Quote Performance Settings.


Note: Quote line drag-and-drop is disabled while Large Quote Experience is active.


Infinite Scrolling

You can scroll down quote lines infinitely in the Quote Line Editor instead of navigating between pages.


Single Group View

When Large Quote Experience is enabled, the Quote Line Editor will only display one group at a time in the main display. Select the Groups sidebar to switch to a different group.

group area.png



Individual Pricing Table View

MDQ Pricing dimensions and the Segmented / Standard Product tables are displayed as tabs.



Fixed Quote Footer > Subtotals and Summary Rows

Subtotals and Summary Rows are locked in place at the bottom of the Quote Line Editor.

subtotal on bottom.png


Expand Page

The Expand Page icon will expand the Quote Line Editor to display across your entire display window. Select Escape or the Expand Page icon to return to standard view.



Locked Column Table Headers

Standard and Segmented table headers are locked in one place at the top of the screen, so you won’t lose your point of reference when scrolling through a long list of line items.

locked headers.png